A Meteor Just Exploded In The Skies Over Michigan

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A Meteor Just Exploded In The Skies Over Michigan

NBC News

It has now been confirmed by the National Weather Service, an explosion of light over Michigan that turned night into day was actually a meteor imploding in the skies above the state. The light was seen from multiple states, but was seen most clearly in Michigan.


This past Tuesday, at around 8:10 PM, residents across the state were stunned when light suddenly came flooding back into their world as if someone had called back the sun itself for a moment of brightness.

The meteor sighting caused a massive movement on social media as people attempted to understand what had just happened.

People even started cracking jokes about the "seriousness" of the situation.

Whether you saw it or not, some people actually felt it.

It wasn't just a sound and light show, it also caused a 2.0 magnitude earthquake near New Haven, Michigan, which is in Macomb County. It was just a tiny tremor, but it was enough to scare some people who aren't used to the ground shaking in the region.


This is not the first time that Michigan has been shocked by a meteor strike. They have had three previously on record: 1919, December 9, 1965, and September 17, 1966. The 1919 meteor actually crashed into Lake Michigan causing buildings in the surrounding regions to shake violently. Residents from a number of communities actually fled the area fearing it was a earthquake.

Check out some video shot by people who were going about their business at the time of the explosion.

What would you do if a meteor exploded over your home city?