A Model Is Warning People About Tanning Beds After Her Horrible Experience

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Ella Ravenscroft, a 20-year-old model from England is sharing her experience on social media to encourage people to stop using tanning beds.

The model, who said she has been using tanning beds once a week for a year, recently had to get two large moles removed from her stomach and another under her breast, which appeared after using tanning beds.

She posted a series of photos on Facebook showing her scar and explaining her story. Although her moles were not cancerous yet, she explained it was an eye-opening experience that made her stop going to tanning beds.

She urges her followers to stop using tanning beds right away.

This story reminds us of a story that came out three years ago, in 2015. It makes us wonder that if no action happened after that story, this one probably won't stop anyone.

In 2015, a 27-year-old nurse came out with picture of her severe skin cancer. The skin cancer was caused by years of frequent tanning in sunbeds.

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