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A Mother’s Song – If You Have A Son You Will Love This

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A mother's love for her son is something no one can understand but a mom. It's a consuming, life-long love that cannot be broken.  

As a mother raises her son, she watches him grow into a man she never could have imagined. Her hard work and tireless nights pay off, as he blossoms into a kind, caring, compassionate man. From training wheels to his first car, she is with him every step of the way.

But as time goes on, and he grows up, it's time for him to meet someone new. Giving her son away on his wedding day is a bittersweet moment for a mom. It's time to watch him give the ultimate gift, a stable life for the person he loves.

Mother-son dances are always emotional for that reason. A mom just wants one last hug before her little boy belongs to someone else.

This song is the perfect way to start a new chapter.

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