A Realtor Posted These Photos And Went Viral

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A Realtor Posted These Photos And Went Viral

Carolyn Hayward Williams - Facebook

The real estate market is hot in a lot of places right now. With back to school here or fast approaching, I'm told things are going to get hotter too.

Carolyn Hayward Williams recently made a post on Facebook that seems to have captured the hearts of many - and brought quite a few laughs along the way.

Carolyn shares: "This is FREAKING ME OUT. I shared this post of different decorating styles that a real estate agent posted and the post keeps getting massive responses and shares -- 7.3K responses, 16K comments, and 149K shares! Omg.

Every time I open my computer it's like watching a slot machine go ding, ding, ding with all the numbers changing and responses coming in. šŸ˜³

Apparently unique decorating styles are an incredibly popular topic. Lol. Who knew?! šŸ™‚"

The post has now reached an astounding 19K in reactions, 38K in comments and a staggering 351K shares!

A realtor who has seen everything posted these. šŸ˜³šŸ§šŸ™‚

Here are a few of my favorites from the post:

Well someone went all out for their home birth!

Some people really love their pets!

Somebody a VERY loyal Hufflepuff.

Do the curtains come with the house?

I think Iā€™m getting vertigo!

Well those butterflies aren't going anywhere.

I'm speechless.

Broken ankle in 3...2...1...

Set from Austin powers movie?

Looks like LEGO windows.

What could go wrong?

If you were drunk, you'd never find that toilet.

But, where's the faucet?!!

If you want to see them all - check out the post on Facebook:

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