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Parents Take Their Kids Out To Eat, Left Puzzled After Receiving Their Bill

Dining out is a luxury, especially when you're the parent of a young child. It can be difficult to find the time to make it out, and ever harder to eat your meal while you deal with the fussing, whining or crying that can derail your meal. Not to mention having to contend with the annoyed glares and sighs of staff and other diners if your child chooses that night to have a fit.

While some things are out of parent's control other things, like table manners or being polite, are teachable, but sadly sometimes overlooked. One young family didn't forget to teach these things, and got a nice surprise from a local sushi restaurant when they went out for a meal.

Carino Bistro

Looking for a break from routine, Daley and Alicia Welsh took their 1-year-old daughter Evie out for dinner at Carino Sushi in Calgary, Canada. When they got their bill they couldn't believe their eyes.

Their $54 bill has been discounted $5, the reason? "Well behaved kids".

The couple was overjoyed and shared the photo online, where it quickly spread. Alicia said the family was overwhelmed by the positive responses about their parenting, and by the gesture from the restaurant.

Owner Toshi Carino said that he wanted to show appreciation for kids with table manners and the parents that bother to teach them.


It's not the first time that a restaurant has made waves by rewarding parents. An eatery in Italy did the same thing for a young family. On the other side Jamie Oliver created controversy when he banned a parenting essential from his restaurants.

Do you think parents should be rewarded for their child's behavior? Let us know!