Woman In Active Labor Wouldn't Go To The Hospital Until She Got Her Diploma

Sarah Black - LSUA

We so often hear that there's nothing that compares to the strength of a mother. It's such a true statement that so many of us have seen proven time and time again. Even knowing that, I'm still amazed by the strength of Anshonarial Greenhouse.

She's a 31-year-old from Marksville, LA and she was set to graduate from the Louisiana State University of Alexandria just before Christmas. It's an impressive feat at the best of times, but to make it that much more impressive, Greenhouse was pregnant with her second child.

She has finished with a business degree with a concentration in accounting. I can't imagine having to crunch those numbers while growing a life inside me, but that's what Greenhouse did.

So amazing is the accomplishment that Greenhouse wouldn't let anything stop her from claiming her trophy: her hard-earned degree. Not even contractions.

She began contractions early, at 25 weeks, and was on medication to postpone labor. She walked the floor on Dec 13, with a little help from the school's baseball coach.

That Saturday, Greenhouse gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Zaire.

Such a special day is made that much more special because Greenhouse's mother was also receiving a degree that day, also in accounting. Three generations of Greenhouses were on the stage that day.

[H/T: People]

It's such an amazing thing it seems like little Zaire has two strong women to look up to.

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