Adam Levine and James Corden Pulled Over By Police During Carpool Karaoke

It seems you can't go anywhere in Hollywood these days without James Corden showing up somewhere. He was even at the royal wedding as an entertainer for the guests, and allegedly refereed a dance-off between Prince William and Prince Harry.

Corden shot to fame after he began filming his Carpool Karaoke segments with famous celebrities, showing a different side of them we don't normally see.

Elton John and James Corden have some fun during Carpool KaraokeYouTube

There are always antics involved in the segments, but when Corden invited The Voice judge and Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine into the passenger seat, he probably wasn't expecting to get pulled over.


It all started off pretty normal, with Levine and Corden singing some of Maroon 5's old songs, and the two of them joking about being "cool" dads.


We then got to see Levine's incredible balancing skills.


But then as they're driving around, a sheriff's car pulls up beside them, and Corden gets extremely stressed out.


Overall, the cop is just looking to have some fun, but it's still a first for the talk-show host, who doesn't understand how Levine was so calm about it all.

After the scare, the duo heads to a race track where they see who can drive the fastest. Corden is new to it, but Levine loves driving race cars, so he's a natural. To make it harder for him, Corden asks the singer general knowledge questions while he's driving to throw him off his game.

It's definitely one of the better segments of the series, if only to listen to Adam Levine sing flawlessly!

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