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'The Voice' Fans Proved They're Fed Up With Adam Levine Last Night

Trae Patton / Tyler Golden - NBC

The Voice is known as a feel-good show, the kind of reality competition fans can watch with their entire family sitting around the TV.

But this season has been more divisive than any in recent memory, and celebrity judge Adam Levine is at the center of the controversy.

The trouble began last Tuesday, during the Final 10 eliminations.

DeAndre Nico Adam Levine
Fans accused Levine of throwing DeAndre "under the bus" after his performance.Trae Patton - NBC

Two of Levine's contestants, DeAndre Nico and Reagan Strange, were competing against Blake's singer, Dave Fenley, for an Instant Save from Voice fans.

Except Reagan didn't perform that night, and instead sat in a bathrobe backstage as host Carson Daly revealed she was feeling "under the weather."

Despite the fact that only DeAndre performed, Levine pushed fans to vote for Reagan.

"I have two little girls at home," Levine told the audience. "The thought of breaking [Reagan's] heart by not urging everyone to give this girl a shot to redeem herself next week would be too far beneath me."

And while he told DeAndre that his singers "should both be here," Levine finally supported Reagan because "she didn't have a voice to fight tonight."

DeAndre Nico
Nico later admitted he felt Levine "sold me out."DeAndre Nico - Instagram

When DeAndre was sent home later that night, he seemed to take the decision in stride and thanked his fans for their support on Instagram.

"You can never take an L when you're operating from your heart," he wrote.

But in an interview with a local news station last week, the singer shared his true feelings about Levine's decision.

"Not being rude, I just felt like he sold me out," Nico told 12 News Now. "Y'know? And I just don't respect him. Just being honest."

"We did our job, sick or not. I just got over laryngitis," he added. "When I came back, I still sang."

"I know that [Reagan's] a little kid. But it's like, "˜Man, [Adam,] you could have put some words in for me at all, like something!"

When The Voice returned this week, after a significant online backlash dubbed #AdamSucks or #BathrobeGate, Levine avoided apologizing for his decision to back Reagan.

Adam Levine The Voice
Levine has not apologized for his choice, and barely spoke on Monday night's episode.Trae Patton - NBC

"It was a strange week, but it's over now," Levine told the audience before staying silent for most of Monday's show. "DeAndre's my boy. I love him. We talked."

But fans were not willing to let the controversy go, and chose to take out their wrath on Reagan. The 14-year-old singer was denied an Instant Save by the fans and locked out of the Final Four on Tuesday.

Reagan's elimination left Levine with no more contestants and no chance of winning this season, but some Voice fans say that's not enough.

Since the controversy began, devoted viewers have called for Levine to be replaced, or even announced they will stop watching the series.

"#TheVoice2018 The Producers, and Adam Levine need to Publicly apologize to Deandre Nico and replace Reagan with him. He competed she did not," a fan tweeted last week.

"Adam needs to be replaced he showed his true colors last week," another wrote after Levine's non-apology on Monday.

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Do you agree that Levine should leave The Voice after this season?

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