Experts Say You Might Beat Your Facebook Addiction By Having LSD For Breakfast

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Experts Say You Might Beat Your Facebook Addiction By Having LSD For Breakfast

One addiction can cure another! Or at least that's what Baynard Woods, a researcher working under psychedelics expert Dr. James Fadiman, claims. In case you didn't know, Fadiman worked extensively with LSD until it was banned in 1966. The researcher claims he "microdosed" on the drug in the early morning, and it helped him control his compulsive social media and internet habits.

"The most remarkable effect of the microdose, which I noticed on the first day, was that it broke - or significantly disrupted - my addiction to the internet," Baynard wrote. "Like many people, I often find myself scrolling aimlessly through Facebook when I tell myself I'm too tired for anything else. But that day, I stayed away from it almost completely."

Baynard goes on to explain that he spent most of the day in the great outdoors, riding the bus and chatting with strangers. He said he "often ended up in actual conversations rather than virtual ones."

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Apparently, taking LSD for breakfast has become the norm for some people. The idea is you have a small amount - just 10-15 micrograms - and get on with your day. Dr Fadiman said: "People do it and they're eating better, sleeping better, they're often returning to exercise or yoga or meditation. It's as if messages are passing through their body more easily." I bet they do.

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Although a small amount of acid doesn't cause drug trips, it's been linked to alarming conditions such as panic attacks, psychosis, and terrifying visions.

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