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This Couple Has Stayed Happily Married For 75 Years Because Of This

Most people hope to live to be 75-years old, but for this couple they have been married for that long.

John and Evie from Twin Cities Minnesota, have known each other for 85 years when Evie moved into his neighborhood in 1932.

After 3 kids together, countless grandchildren and a great-granddaughter these two have experienced everything in life together.

From growing up in the great depression, to John serving in World War 2,  this couple is loving their lives now that they're older.


They were in the same 6th grade class and Evie describes John as the "naughtiest boy in class".

They went on their first date when they were 15.

“He was a naughty boy. He used to throw spitballs at me,” says Evie. “But I didn’t know that was a way of showing attention.”


To commemorate their long-standing romance, John and Evie's granddaughter Danni made a video asking them to reveal their secrets to a happy marriage.


1. You should be affectionate.

“He’s always after my body!” says Evie. "I'm 89 years old and, 'you turn me on'"

"You know what the best time of life is? It's when your children are married and give you grandchildren. The highlight of our lives is a great-granddaughter," says Evie.

"The best time of my life is right now. Imagine being retired 28 years!" says John.

After proposing with a $29 diamond ring, the couple is still happy to be together today!

But what are their secrets? We could learn a thing or two from them.

2. Never go to bed mad.


“If it’s really a focal point we’ll sit alongside each other and talk it out,” said John. “But then it’s always a kiss goodnight.”

3. Be good friends.


“The important thing in a marriage is to be nice to each other,” said Evie.

4. Appreciate what you have right now.


“The best time was yesterday because I made it until today, and with my honey-baby by my side,” said John.

5. Make each other laugh.


“I said, ‘You know what, John, I never was attracted to another man,'” Evie said. “And he said, ‘You know what, I never was attracted to another man either.'”

6. And of course, always have fun!

Here's John and Evie singing Sir Mix-a-Lot's Baby Got Back like absolute pros.