After Being Paralyzed In Car Crash, This Cat's Mom Refused To Give Up On Him

Veronica Ashworth found her precious cat Mog after he was hit by a car, she was absolutely heartbroken. Her cat was still alive, but he was completely unable to walk.

Ashworth refused to give up on the little man and decided she would look into some non-traditional treatments to help Mog regain his ability to walk.

Ashworth brought Mog in to get hydrotherapy, a technique which uses water and swimming to help stimulate the muscles so they will grow stronger. Mog has been in therapy for 10 weeks now and the results are amazing.

Before, he couldn't even walk. Now he is swimming up a storm! Luckily, Mog was never afraid of water. Ashworth says he used to always play in the sink before the accident so she wasn't too worried that he would freak out.

He handles it very well, paddling himself through the water nearby his therapist who always makes sure they are nearby. The therapy has helped him immensely, now he can walk on land, still needing a bit more time to get back to normal, but it's a huge improvement!

After his long swimming lesson, Mog gets some time to relax in the hot tub, which you have got to admit, looks pretty nice!

Check out Mog's remarkable recovery in this video!

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