After Over 50 Years, New Information About The Kennedy Assassination Is Revealed

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After Over 50 Years, New Information About The Kennedy Assassination Is Revealed

Since November 22, 1963, Americans have been baffled by the shooting of President John F. Kennedy and the web of mysteries surrounding that fateful day in Dallas, Texas.

President Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline in Dallas, Texas.PBS / LA Times

After years of speculation and theorizing, the truth is finally being revealed by the United States government with the release of thousands of pages of documents. Just this week, more than 400 never-before-seen records were put online.

Documents from the FBI and the CIA related to the JFK assassination have finally been declassified.Reuters

The sudden rush of records is thanks to a law from 1992 that set a deadline - October, 2017 - for the public release of all documents related to the Kennedy assassination. The 4,000 newest records from the FBI and CIA shed light on Lee Harvey Oswald, Kennedy's mysterious assassin.

Lee Harvey Oswald poses in his backyard, holding the rifle that may have been used to shoot the president.Warren Comission

The Warren Commission - the U.S. government's official investigation into Kennedy's murder - concluded that Oswald was the sole shooter, that he fired from the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository, and that he acted alone (meaning there was no conspiracy to kill the president).

President Johnson and the Warren

But since then dozens of investigators, law enforcement officers and experts have questioned the official account of that day in Dealey Plaza. Now, a new account from a Russian spy has raised questions about the truth once again.

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Lee Harvey Oswald's connections to Russia stretched back years before he assassinated President Kennedy, and conspiracy theorists have always wondered how much the Soviet government knew about Oswald.

A young Lee Harvey Oswald during his time in the Marines.History News Network

The new documents include testimony from Yuri Nosenko, a KGB spy who defected to America during the height of the Cold War. Nosenko claimed that he had been in charge of Oswald's file while he lived in Russia, but insists that the Russians weren't involved in Kennedy's assassination.

Oswald in Russia, with his wife Marina.State of the Nation

Oswald moved to Russia after he was discharged from the Marines, where he was known as "Oswaldovich" to his buddies for his obsession with Communism. Oswald even applied to become a Russian citizen, but was turned down and moved back to America a year before the shooting.

Despite the new evidence, many theorists still insist that either Soviet Russia or Cuba had a hand in Kennedy's assassination. A trip to Mexico City just months before the assassination still raises questions about who inspired Oswald.

Jack Ruby assassinates Oswald (colorized).Marina Amaral

It's known that Oswald met with Russian and Cuban embassy agents during his trip to Mexico, and he was murdered by Jack Ruby just 2 days after the shooting under mysterious circumstances.

Until the moment he died, Oswald always claimed he was innocent and "just a patsy," but he never revealed for who.

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The official explanation for President Kennedy's death has never sat well with the American public, and polls reveal most Americans believe Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone.

The majority of Americans believe Kennedy's death was part of a conspiracy.Britannica

Everyone from the mafia, the CIA, Cuban President Fidel Castro and even Kennedy's Vice President Lyndon Johnson have been linked to the assassination throughout the years, with very little conclusive evidence pointing one way or the other.

For years amateur sleuths have puzzled over the assassination. The famous "Grassy Knoll" is on the left of this photo.McAdams

Still, there's evidence that both the CIA and the FBI have tried to cover up information, either to hide how shoddy their investigations were or to conceal who's really responsible for Kennedy's murder.

Many witnesses reported seeing gunshots from more than one place, including the infamous "Grassy Knoll" down the street from Oswald's location. There are even questions about what happened to the president's brain.

President Kennedy was rushed to Parkland Hospital for emergency surgery, where he was pronounced dead.Cecil Stoughton

This crucial piece of evidence went missing, and no one can explain whether it was taken by Kennedy's brother Robert, investigators or doctors after he died.

Some of these lingering questions may be answered later this year, when the last classified documents finally come to light after more than 50 years.

Ultimately, the president has final say over whether or not more information will be released.Irish Central

Unless President Trump decides to block any for national security purposes, the records should give us a better picture about what really happened in Dallas that day.

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