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After Spending Their Lives Trapped, These Big Cats Experience Freedom

After spending their whole lives being kept as a circus act, these big cats finally have learned what it's like to walk free.

These lions and tigers were kept in cages 99% of the time. The only times they were out was when they were performing tricks for the crowds. They were rescued from their captivity and brought to a sanctuary that will let them run free but keep them safe.

That is a tiger experiencing water like that for the first time in his entire life. He has never gotten to take a dip like that before because his owners were busy having him do tricks for money.

These animals were brought to different sanctuaries because they obviously can't be returned to the wild after their lives in captivity, but they are free to roam around in the safe spaces among others like them. They finally can experience what it's like to walk on grass!

Their reactions to the world outside their cages is absolutely incredible. It's sad to think that these animals have had such a rough start to their life, but at least they will be able to learn what it's like to be a normal lion or tiger now that they are safe.

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