"Aggressive" Bride Warns Guests: Save $3,000 For My Wedding


"Aggressive" Bride Warns Guests: Save $3,000 For My Wedding

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In the past few months, it seems like brides have been competing to see who can post the most absurd instructions for their guests on Facebook.

After rules about a pricey dress code went viral last year, another "bridezilla" has stunned the internet by urging guests to save up for her wedding.  

In save the date cards sent out to her guests - ominously titled "Things To Keep In Mind Before You Say Yes" - the unnamed woman from Australia ordered her guests to start saving $5,000 ($3,000 in USD) to cover the cost of her destination wedding in Southeast Asia.

Oh, and they were also told to book two weeks off work for the event. No big deal.

Wedding invitation
Guests were upset by the demanding wedding invite.Facebook

An invitee shared the card on Facebook, while complaining about the bride's "aggressive" directions.

"The wedding will be held over in an Asian country (Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, ect [sic])," the card reads.

"The flights over range from 10 to 13 hours long, usually costing from $500 to $1,100 (total departure and return flights). Depends on when you book."

While she explains that the wedding festivities will take just two or three days, the bride says the rest of the two weeks "is yours to do and go on whatever adventures you like."

Wedding invitation
Guests were told to save thousands to pay their way to the wedding's exotic venue.Facebook

She says the huge amount guests are warned to raise covers not just their airfare, but also "hotels, food, drink, daily adventures, scooter rentals."

"Just good to have a safe buffer of money."

The guest says the venue and other details will be chosen depending on who RSVPs, but advises all of her invitees to "start saving your pennies now!"

As you might expect, social media users are up in arms over the wedding and the brides expectations.

"I'd tell her to shove her wedding," one commenter wrote.

Bride and groom
Online commenters joked that no one would show up for the couple's wedding.StockSnap - Pixabay

Another suggested the bride and groom would arrive at their venue "on their own."

"These people really do not want anyone at their wedding," someone else said.

Some readers were upset for reasons other than the invitation's list of demands. As many pointed out, this "save the date" card missed the point of the tradition entirely, since there's no date to save.

Others were irked by the many grammar and spelling mistakes on the card.

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What do you think of this invite? Would you attend this wedding if you got one?

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