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Police Caught Her Stealing Red-Handed, Then She Told Them Why

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We've all gone through some tough times in our lives, and sometimes it really makes us re-evaluate what we're willing to do in order to survive. Whether it's being let go from your job, losing someone you love, losing where you live, or going through a health crisis, we end up having to do what we can in order to make sure we're able to keep going.

Take, for example, the story of Alabama mother Helen Johnson. A welfare recipient who has to feed her two daughters, one niece, and two grandchildren on her monthly check of just $120, Johnson encountered a legitimate nightmare situation when her check was lost in the mail.

After two days without food, Johnson went to her local Dollar General with only $1.25 to try to buy eggs. Discovering, to her horror, that she was 50 cents short of the tax, she slipped 5 eggs into her pockets and tried to sneak off with them. This was less than successful, as one of the eggs broke in her pocket and exposed her to the store.

Facebook / Robert "Dollar" Tripp

She admitted her theft to the store, who had already called the police. However, when Officer William Stacy arrived on the scene, it lead to something nobody expected; an act of kindness instead of an arrest.

Stacy seriously went above and beyond the call of duty...

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