"˜Jeopardy' Wants Fans To Vote: Should Trebek's Beard Stay, Or Go?

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"˜Jeopardy' Wants Fans To Vote: Should Trebek's Beard Stay, Or Go?

Jeopardy fans tune in to the award-winning "answer and question" game show night after night because it's so consistent - and consistently good.

But as the show's 35th season debuted on Monday, host Alex Trebek unveiled a surprising change: he grew a full beard in the off-season.

Of course Trebek is no stranger to style changes. In the past, the host has rocked a sizable "afro," and often sported a mustache.

Trebek shaved the mustache off in 2001, before bringing it back for a brief stint during the show's 30th anniversary in 2014.

As for the new beard, some fans think it's just weird.

"I have just this morning learned that Alex Trebek has a beard now and I cannot handle this betrayal," one fan wrote on Twitter.

It seems even Trebek can't decide if the beard should sick around, since he asked fans to give their feedback about his new facial hair.

Don't forget to fill out the show's official Twitter and Facebook polls, so Alex will know what you think!

What do you say? Keep the beard, or lose it?

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