Alex Trebek Completely Shuts Down 'Jeopardy' Contestant

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Alex Trebek Completely Shuts Down 'Jeopardy' Contestant

Appearing on Jeopardy is on many people's bucket list. Whether they want their moment to show their knowledge of trivia or they dream of taking home some extra cash, it's fun to watch people chase their dreams on the game show.

Alex Trebek has been hosting the show since 1984, and he has met some interesting characters.

Over the years, we have learned the Trebek doesn't mince words with his guests. This includes, contestant Susan Cole, a legislative librarian from Bowie Maryland.

How would you describe yourself if you were to go on the show?

During the interview portion we learned something interesting about Cole- and Trebek for that matter.

"Your favorite type of music is something I've never heard of, but it doesn't sound like fun," Trebek said.

"I think it's very fun. It's called nerdcore hip-hop. It's people who identify as nerdy rapping about the things they love: video games, science fiction, having a hard time meeting romantic partners," Cole responded. "It's really catchy and fun."

Without missing a beat, Trebek had a response that surprised viewers!

Watch the video clip below:

Fans of the show were not amused by Trebek's comments.

Following the episode's airing, prominent nerdcore hip-hop artist Mega Ran put together a song as a response to Trebek's comments about their music genre.

The Philadelphia native raps: "Alex Trebek, you lost a lot of respect / I gotta check you off the rip for coming outta your neck / Talking sideways on geeks, man, you're a trip / Guess you hadn't heard, nerds make up half of your viewership / Nerdcore is home to some serious lyricists / I'll break this down in a format you're familiar with / This host gets roasted on SNL yearly / Hosts a show for nerds and doesn't know it, clearly / Nobody likes a know-it-all, condescending blowhard / Easy to be snarky when you're holding all the notecards / But Susan got the last laugh: 20 grand in cash / And you're good at all my shows, you don't even have to ask / Suck it, Trebek"

Wow! It looks like people didn't love Alex's off-the-cuff remark.

It seems like Cole's nerdy ways paid off in the end, as she walked away from the show $22,600 richer.

Source: EW / Variety