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CORRECTION: Theory Claims Winnie The Pooh Characters Represent Mental Illnesses



A previous version of this article was called "Each Winnie The Pooh Character Was Written To Represent A Mental Illness, Which One Did You Relate To". We have been informed that this is in fact not true.

Here at Shared we feel like our audience is our friend, and we will talk to you exactly the way we talk to our friends. There is so much that happens around the world that we could never keep up with all of it. As broad as our topics are, we will only cover things we feel our audience wants to hear about and in this case, we felt you would be interested in the idea that Pooh Bear could have been representing mental illness.  That being said, now that we know this is NOT true, we want to be transparent and let you know that too.

If you are interested in reading the full story of how it was discovered that this was untrue, head over to by clicking here.  If you are interested in reading more about our standards and ethics policy click here, and please email any report factual errors to