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Always Be Prepared With These Waterproof Portable Matches

If you need a quick and easy way to store your matches that will keep them safe and dry, you have got to try this trick!

It just takes a little mason jar and you will have a very handy little case that will hold all your matches and keep them safe from any water trying to get in.

Materials Needed:

  • Small mason jar
  • Matches


Start by pulling out the matches from the outer box, and then deconstruct the box.

Take the lid off of your jar and pull out the circle part, tracing it over top of the strike strip.

Cut out the circle.

Use hot glue to attach the cardboard with the strike strip on the inside of the lid.

Glue the circle back into the lid so it is secure.

Add all your matches into the jar.

Close the lid and then you'll always have matches when ever you need them!

Might be smart to keep a jar in the car in case of emergency!

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