Model Spent $10,000 To Transform Herself Into A "Dragon"

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Model Spent $10,000 To Transform Herself Into A "Dragon"

Amber Luke - Instagram

Ask a class full of young girls what they want to be when they grow up, and "dragon" probably won't be the most popular answer.

But model Amber Luke, 23, who is known as the "Blue Eyes White Dragon" because of her heavily modified appearance, loves her "monstrous" look.

And after showing off surprising "before" photos without tattoos, piercings, and cosmetic surgeries, Luke says she would not change a thing.

From A Damsel To A Dragon

Amber Luke before and after
Luke guesses she has spent more than $10,000 on cosmetic surgery, tattoos, and piercings.Amber Luke - Instagram

Since turning 16, when she got her first tattoo, Luke guesses she has spent more than $10,000 on "body modifications," including tattoos.

Her heavily-inked body features over 50 designs, and Luke admits she's quickly losing count.

And the model from Sydney, Australia admits that her relationship with tattoos and body mods borders on obsessive.

"As soon as I turned 16, I was inspired by those around me to get tattooed. I craved to know what the feeling was like," she revealed to the Daily Mail.

"I developed an addiction at 16 years of age. By the time I hit 18, I already had three tattoos. And when I turned 18, I decided to get my first big piece."

While her forked tongue certainly makes an impression, Luke's most eye-popping features are her tattooed eye whites, which have been inked bright blue.

"It was very intense and very painful," she revealed.

"My eyes got held open while a syringe was injected into my eye four times per eye. I was blind for three weeks."

"My tongue split was very uncomfortable as well," she added. "I wasn't able to speak or eat for a week afterwards."

"I absolutely hated the way I used to look. I was boring."

Luke has so many body mods that some are hiding in plain sight.

Her ears have also been given "elf" points on the tips, by adding silicone implants under the skin.

Luke shows off these modifications to her more than 69,000 Instagram followers, and they often complement her unique look.

The model recently shared a "throwback" photo of herself without modifications with fans, but said she has no regrets about her tattoos and surgeries.

"I see myself as very plain looking when looking at before and after photos," she explained. "I absolutely hated the way I used to look. I was boring."

She captioned the look back as a "flashback to when I was bare, struggling with life and didn't know who I was."

Compare that to today, when Luke says she's "absolutely in love with my image."

You might find this hard to believe, but Luke's family is also very supportive of her total makeover. That includes her mom, who Luke calls "my biggest supporter since day one."

Although, Luke says her mother "cried when she found out that I tattooed my eyeballs, but then she came around."

The model says she has no plans to slow down any time soon, and hopes to get her teeth filed into vampire-like fangs next.

"I have plenty of people who try to bring me down because of the choices I've made to my body," she explained, "but that's just it; [it's] my body."

Still, Luke cautions her followers not to rush into irreversible body modifications.

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