New Audio Recordings Allegedly Reveal Amber Portwood's Abusive Behavior

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New Audio Recordings Allegedly Reveal Amber Portwood's Abusive Behavior

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Weeks after Amber Portwood denied the alleged attacks against her ex-boyfriend Andrew Glennon, new audio recordings appear to corroborate Glennon's story. In July, Portwood and Glennon were the center of headlines after she allegedly attacked him with a machete while he was holding their young son, James.


“Just after 3:00 a.m., on 7.5.2019, officers were called to [address] reference a disturbance. Officers spoke to the male victim who stated his live-in-girlfriend and he were having a disagreement,” an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department statement read. “During which time the female, later identified as Amber Portwood assaulted him, while he was holding their one-year-old child.”

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Amber was charged with domestic battery, a felony charge of criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon after “[striking] the machete at and into a door, while Andrew Glennon was standing directly on the other side of the door, that created a substantial risk of bodily injury to Andrew Glennon. On top of that, she was charged with a third felony for “knowingly touched Andrew Glennon, a family or household member, in a rude, insolent, or angry manner and Amber L Portwood committed said offense in the presence of a child less than 16 years of age, knowing that the child was present and might be able to see or hear the offense."

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At the beginning of September, Portwood sat down with Dr. Drew for an interview on MTV, where she denied the entire story and essentially blamed Glennon.

“I want to get my side of the story out,” she said in the interview. It starts out with clips from the show, and then proceeds to play the 911 dispatch recording.

“I received a text message from somebody saying that their life and their son’s life is in danger," the recording from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said.


“A text message, by the way. I just want to point that out real quick to everybody. But I ran after him with a machete,” Portwood said sarcastically. “Let me tell you what, if somebody’s coming after me with something like that, I’m calling the f–king police and running out the door. There’s some narcissism here that I can’t comprehend at the moment."


“I opted out of drug court a long time ago to put myself in prison to help myself,” she noted. “Why would I haven’t heard s–t from me since then. I haven’t got in trouble one time. But all of a sudden, I’m running after my kid and [Andrew] with a machete? You’re insane.”

Recording 1

Now, however, these new audio recordings are extremely disturbing and apparently show the darker side of Portwood. One recording allegedly showcases Portwood yelling at Glennon over video camera he had installed in the house to protect against burglars. A baby is heard crying in the background of the video, and occurs after Glennon wakes Portwood up from a nap for an appointment.

"If you don’t pick him up you f**king fat piece of s**t, I’m going to f**king stab you! Get your fat ass and get him!” and that she’s “looking for a house to leave.”


“I’m not watching him today, you’re f**king stupid!” the woman yells.

The man is then heard saying, “So you’re just going to throw him at me?”

The woman yells back “I’m not going to watch him today after what you did!”

Instagram - Andrew Glennon

"Where’s the camera at in here? Where’s the camera? Show me the f**king camera, bitch!” the woman is heard yelling.

The man replies, “You chopped it with a sword!”

The woman responds, “Because you have cameras in my f**king room, dude! You have cameras everywhere. What kind of life is that.”

Instagram - Andrew Glennon

The man then tries to explain to the woman what's happening.

“Babe, we were traveling, that’s why it was in the bedroom!” the man says while adding, “Babe I love you more than life itself.”

The woman then yells “You’re a little f**king p**sy. I bet you if you got in trouble you’d sit there and take on 30 people! Yeah, you would. Because you’d get raped!”

The man responds “Babe, what are you even saying right now?”

Instagram - Andrew Glennon

The woman then accuses the man of recording her as a way to spy.

“Nobody would ever do that, sit there and taking f**king videos of people,” the woman says. “Nobody would do that in a regular relationship. It’s only because I’m on television that you even f**king do that. You’re a scummy little bitch!”

The man claims she tried to attack him while she responds, “I wasn’t attacking you Andrew! I will do whatever I f**king please! I am five foot f**king two and for you to sit there and say I f**king attacked you, I will not do this s**t again. I have lawyers up the ass!”

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“People say things all the time when they’re pissed off,” the woman then says. “That’s not an excuse. And, no [the threat] will not hold up in court.”

The man responds, “But to say ‘I’m going to kill you…’” then is interrupted as the woman says, “For you to say that I don’t know anything about court, you need to think again!”  

The man replies, “For you to say ‘I’m going to kill you’ is really scary, OK?”

“You are really dumb, OK?” the woman yells back. “For you to even say that is stupid, and r**tarded and you’re an idiot but I will. You should not have woke me up this morning. I told you a million times!”

Recording 2

The next recording is from December 24, 2018, and allegedly shows how Portwood hit Glennon while he was holding their son.

"I’m telling James [when he’s older] that you’re a trash bag,” a woman, allegedly Portwood, yells.

“You should tell him you didn’t want him,” a man, allegedly Glennon, can seemingly be heard saying. “How about that?”

“Ow! I’m holding James! Stop hitting me!” the man is heard yelling.

Instagram - Amber Portwood

“Thirty two is when I wanted a baby!” the woman yells. “So you tell me how I ended up not having a baby for 10 years! Fat ass! Tell me! Tell me how! You fat ass! You ugly fat f–k! You don’t deserve me! You disgusting fat ass. I can’t wait … I’m going to blow you out of the water. You will never have a career in this industry! But I will make hundreds of thousands of f–king dollars! I’m going to say this to you one more time you ugly f–king fat ass. Get out of my house now! Get out!”

Instagram - Andrew Glennon

“You’re going to throw something at me with the baby?” the man asked.

“I will kill you! I will kill you! Get out!” the woman screamed. “I’m gonna stab you in your neck!”


Glennon confirmed that this recording was authentic when speaking to InTouch.

“Yes, it is entirely authentic and so hard to listen to,” he said “So damn hard to listen to … I have flashbacks almost every other day. A family member became outraged after reading Amber’s statements and watching her abusive live videos, so they took it upon themselves to release it. There are many more and they are all hard to hear/see. James deserves better. Domestic violence in the presence of a baby is never acceptable. It was my fault to give her the benefit of the doubt and it nearly proved fatal. Never again.”

Recording 3


The third recording that's been released allegedly confirms that Portwood hit Glennon and gave him a bloody nose while the couple was at Leah's (Portwood's daughter with her ex, Gary Shirley) elementary school.

“I was quiet when you first told me to be quiet but you keep yelling,” the man is heard as the woman mocks him. “Is it because my fat f**king mouth can’t deal with this?”


She then yells,“You’re a motherf**king joke, dude! That’s not what happened! NO IT’S NOT, you f**king old man! No the f**k it’s not! No, it’s not you f**king senile bitch!” as the man begs her to please stop yelling at her in front of their child.


“It’s a bunch of lies out of your f**king ignorant head!” It’s disgusting! You did it Andrew, you did it.”

The man then asks “I hit myself? You hit me! You like to hit people. What the f**k?”

The woman screams back, “I hit people who can’t shut their f**king mouth! No you didn’t shut your goddamn mouth, no you didn’t honey. No you didn’t you senile ret**d! No, you f**king didn’t. You kept going, going and going, just like the other f**king night! You’re f**king RET**DED! You’ve never f**king worked in your life, I promise you that motherf**ker. You’ve never did anything, you f**king little brat!”


“You deserved exactly what you got! In fact, you deserve way more than that, honey!” she tells him. “You speak to me in an ignorant f**king ridiculous tone…nobody cares what’s coming out of your f**king mouth. You’re lying, you ret**d. You can’t keep saying the same sh*t it doesn’t make it true.. YOU did it. You kept f**king going, you f**king ret**d!”

The man says that he didn't keep quiet “because my face was bleeding!”

"You punched me in your daughter’s elementary school! You hit me while I was driving. That’s what you do to people driving…?” the man asked.

“100 f***ing percent! Plus more!” the woman yells back. “So much more to come honey if you want to f**king test me! You can get sad all you want, Andrew, but your punk ass can’t speak to me like that. Yeah I did. I did. So shut your f**king mouth.”

Instagram - Amber Portwood

Then she kicks him out of her house, saying “Get up. Go. I’ll pay for your f**king broke ass to go back home. Get the f**k out.”

“I’ll f**king kill you, dude! I swear to f**king God! I swear to God!” and muffling noises are heard before the man says, “You just hit me. You just f**king hit me!” while the woman replies “You deserved it – and then some!”

Instagram - Amber Portwood

“No I didn’t, I didn’t deserve that,” the man responds.

“Watch your motherf**king mouth when you’re speaking to me!” the woman screams, while the man repeats “I didn’t deserve that.” “You did! In my head, you did! Because you’re a piece of s**t!” the woman replies.

The 'Teen Mom' Response

Farrah Abraham, who was fired from Teen Mom because of her adult film career (among other things) responded to the recordings of Portwood and Glennon, saying that all the Teen Mom stars who are supporting her should be ashamed.

“If all the ‘moms’ on this show support this behavior, [they’re] all unfit moms, the show is responsible for this relationship, this child abuse,” she began. “It’s disturbing, disgusting, and illegal. Wow this was sent to me today. I’m so disgusted by the cast of Teen Mom...the injustice, no ethics, illegal abusive behavior in front of a child. 10 years same behavior. JAIL TIME FOR THIS FREAK."

Instagram - Farrah Abraham

“Thank you for sharing this as this show allowing children to be used, abused, mistreated and puppets for a show is completely sad, disgusting, heartbreaking and illegal,” Farrah concluded. “This child like Leah needs to be far away from the freak Amber who doesn’t want to watch her own child.”

Instagram - Catelynn Baltierra

Tyler Baltierra also responded to the comments, saying " heart is really saddened by what I have heard. I just pray that everyone gets the help they truly need in this situation. Abuse is NEVER okay...EVER!"

Instagram - Tyler Baltierra

Catelynn Baltierra had to backtrack on her previous support of Portwood, but noted that she hadn't heard the recordings when she originally was on Portwood's side.

“I would hope that from watching my journey for 10 years that you all would know that I do not condone violence of any sort especially in front of children … My heart breaks … And I am truly sad,” she wrote. “All I can say is that I am a praying for everyone involved … my heart is so sad after what I heard and I hope she gets the help she needs."

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It's so upsetting to hear domestic abuse of any time, but when a child is involved it's especially disturbing. Clearly Portwood needs some mental health assistance, and I hope that she realizes this before it's too late.

What do you think should happen to Portwood?

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