Ancient Egyptians Had A Different Set Of Zodiac Signs, Here's Yours

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Ancient Egyptians Had A Different Set Of Zodiac Signs, Here's What Yours Means

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Whether you are a firm believer in zodiac signs and horoscopes or not, you have to admit that they can often do a really good job of describing most people.

It's said that where the stars are in the sky on the day of your birth can affect your entire personality, and whether it's coincidence or not, it does a good job.

But the horoscopes we are most familiar with aren't the only ones out there. Different cultures across the world and throughout time have been using different techniques of judging what the stars have to say.

The ancient Egyptians had their own system, and while it does still have twelve signs it is calculated very differently.

Instead of splitting the months up evenly between the signs, ending and starting the next symbol around the same time each month, the Egyptians actually split the time periods up even smaller, but they repeated the same signs a few times a year.

So you may be born in January, but you'll actually have the same Egyptian zodiac sign as someone born in September!

Most of the twelve signs are based on Egyptian deities whose personalities are reflected in those born in their signs. There is only one sign that isn't based on a deity, but that's because it's based on something equally as important to the ancient Egyptians.

Curious about what your new star sign says about you?


January 1st - 7th, June 19th - 28th, September 1st - 7th, November 18th - 26th

Peaceful, Practical, and Perfectionists

People born under the Nile sign find themselves with a good balance of passion and peace. While they are often tempted to rush in and solve the conflicts, they know how to take a step back and observe everything before they make a move.

They are highly intuitive and excellent communicators, and their analytical tendencies make them plan out their lives well.

Attention to detail is another one of their strengths, partially because their practicality helps them know what they need to make their jobs work well. They are seen as very nurturing and tend to pursue careers that are analytical in nature.

They can be prone to emotional outbursts at times, and the perfectionism can occasionally give them anxiety. Ironically, their desire for a peaceful life may lead them to stress about the times when they aren't at peace.

Their sacred animal is the antelope.


January 8th - 21st, February 1st - 11th

Leaders, Optimists, and Stubborn

Ruled by the God of Creation, those born under Amon-Ra find themselves possessing an inspirational and encouraging demeanor. They lead groups with ease, and are most confident when they are in control of a situation.

They feel a great deal of optimism, and tend to trust their gut reactions to things. They are decisive and clever, and always try to go above and beyond.

They do tend to have a hard time with their egos, as being a leader in certain situations may cause them to struggle in times when they need to work as part of a team. They are extremely stubborn so it's been known to make their family life difficult.

Their sacred animals are the ram and the goose.


January 22nd - 31st, September 8th - 22nd

Protective, Rational, and Shy

Those born under the Goddess of the Sky's sign are protective and nurturing over those they care about.

They tend to seem extremely charming and personable but they feel shy on the inside, so they guard their feelings as a way of protecting themselves. Once they fully trust someone they will be more willing to share their thoughts and wisdom.

That trust also inspired them to become incredibly generous. They have a very rational way of thinking, and may get stuck in their ways, but it's because they believe they've already gone through all the pros and cons.

Because of their initial shyness and lingering resistance to open conversations, they are often mistaken as unfeeling. They have problems when they put their focus entirely on their relationships, because if it doesn't work out or they have some time apart they might become depressed or withdrawn.

Their sacred animal is the vulture.


February 12th - 29th, August 20th - 31st

Compassionate, Reliable, and Obsessive

The God of the Earth influences the people born under his sign to be kind and compassionate people. While they care for others, they tend to be introverted, enjoying to spend time on their own.

They are highly empathetic of other people's emotions, which can be difficult for them at times if there is a lot of negativity in their world.

They are reliable and helpful, the type of people who are always there when you need them. They also are known to think before they speak or act, making sure that they've thought through all the options first.

They remember everything, especially other peoples actions towards them, and it will affect how they act towards others in the future.

While they are not necessarily pushovers, they do have the tendency to take on more than they should out of a fear of letting others down. They are prone to anxiety and may often spend a lot of time obsessing over work and other peoples thoughts about them.

Their sacred animal is the goose.


March 1st - 10th, November 27th - December 18th

Adaptable, Confident, and Impatient

Osirus is the God of the Underworld according to Egyptian mythology, and the people born under his sign tend to have two completely opposing sides to their personality.

One part of them wants to be brave and opinionated, while the other side is sensitive and indecisive. These two sides of their personality are constantly at battle with each other.

But overall, they come across as intelligent and confident, allowing them to easily step into leadership roles. They actually do best as leaders, because they don't enjoy taking orders from others.

They adapt well to change and are able to be direct with their intentions, which helps them communicate well with others.

They can come across as aggressive with their opinions, coming across as bossy and egotistical, overpowering those who tend to be quieter in their words. Patience is not one of their strong suits either, and are known for their quick tempers.

Their sacred animal is the bull.


March 11th - 31st, October 18th - 29th, December 19th - 31st

Self-Sufficient, Direct, and Restless

Isis is the Goddess of Nature, and people born under her sign are balanced and capable of overcoming many obstacles.

They are self-sufficient and good at communicating, often times speaking directly and even a little bit bluntly as they don't have patience for misunderstandings.

They are humorous and like to bring joy to their friends and family, and they have a strong pull towards seeking romantic relationships.

They tend to be idealists, which may lead them to disappointment in their love lives or even themselves as they expect too much and are discouraged when it doesn't go as planned. It can lead them to closing themselves off, obsessing over the things that have gone wrong.

Restlessness is a real problem for them, and because they are always switching projects it makes it difficult for them to actually finish one thing.

Their sacred animal is the ram.


April 1st - 19th, November 8th - 17th

Creative, Trusting, and Naive

People born under the God of the Moon's sign are clever and creative. They are full of wisdom and will work hard to solve any and all problems they face.

They are trusting and humble, and excellent at organization because of their positive attitudes.

They hold onto the good memories, and will reward those who have treated them well.

Their entrepreneurial spirit benefits from their inventive minds, and they are often considered life-long students due to their desire for knowledge.

They are prone to reacting to situations quickly, but that doesn't always work out well because they tend to make things more difficult for themselves.

They also can be too trusting, and never see it coming when they are betrayed. They don't like to believe that they are wrong about their opinions, whether it's about people or choices.

Their sacred animal is the baboon and ibis.


April 20th - May 7th, August 12th - 19th

Influential, Brave, and Possessive

Horus is the God of the Pharaoh and influences those born under his sign to become risk-takers. They are motivated and charismatic, and never let an opportunity pass them by.

They jump in head first into new situations, and their ambition pushes them forward towards their goals.

They work hard and will defend those who may not have a voice, and will inspire a lot of people to follow them.

They can, however, over-exert their influence at times, stepping over the boundaries that should be in place. They can get possessive and overly attached to the people and belongings in their life.

Their sacred animal is the snake.


May 8th - 27th, June 29th - July 13th

Sensitive, Persistent, and Out-Spoken

The God of Death rules over this zodiac sign, and it leads people to be passionate and creative. Not only that, but they are extremely sensitive to others and about their own feelings, which causes them to have unpredictable emotions.

They are introverts but confident ones who aren't afraid to take charge when need be. They don't restrain themselves when speaking their mind, but they've always made sure they've observed all options before coming to a decision.

They hold onto goals for long periods of time, even if it takes them years to complete, they refuse to let it go until it's done.

They do suffer from caring too much about those around them, and can be taken advantage of because they just want to help. Because they are happy to speak their mind, they often find themselves saying things at inappropriate times.

Their sacred animal is the jackal.


May 28th - June 18th, September 28th - October 2nd

Determined, Social, and Unpredictable

Seth is the God of Chaos, which leads the people born under his sign to be constantly looking for the next adventure and challenge.

They are determined people, who never sacrifice their progress even if it means that others fall behind. They learn from their mistakes though, and never make the same one twice.

They prefer to be around others as they thrive in the middle of everything. They are not fond spending time alone, and would rather keep busy at all times.

Their tempers are unpredictable though, and can go off without warning, especially if there are too many rules in place or someone trying to control them. If someone does try to influence them, they will do everything in their power to rebel.

Their sacred animal is legendary "seth" animal, as seen in Egyptian art.


July 14th - 28th, September 23rd - 27th, October 3rd - 17th

Intuitive, Peaceful, and Nostalgic

As the Goddess of Cats, Bastet teaches those born in her sign to embrace peace and balance. They don't enjoy conflict, instead preferring to avoid stressful situations.

They tend to be in tune with their intuition, and their ability to judge someones intentions is always on the mark.

They seek out joy, even though for them that joy may be related to the occult. They have a strong connection to the psychic world and can pick up on things others can't.

They do however have problems asking for help, and will refuse it when offered by people they don't know. However, with the people they really care about and trust, they tend to get a little clingy.

They also have a hard time letting go of the past, and can easily become moody or depressed by remembering the way things used to be.

Their sacred animal is the cat.


July 29th - August 11th, October 30th - November 7th

Honest, Charming, and Strict

The Goddess of War Sekhmet inspires those born in her sign to split their personalities in two, a lot like Osiris.

One side of their personality is strict, expecting themselves to be the best they can be and not being satisfied until themselves and others have put in enough work that they are proud.

The other side encourages them to be almost the opposite, enjoying the relinquished control and letting go of all responsibility.

Which personality you end up getting depends on the day, but no matter what they will always be honest and graceful.

While they are down-to-earth, they are still perfectionists, but always remain charming and easy to talk to.

They are often materialistic, and may develop addictive behaviors. Also, they can become impatient when agitated or boastful when they become overly confident.

Their sacred animal is the lion.

Source - Sun Signs / AstroFame / Astrolgyk

Do you find your Egyptian zodiac sign is representative of your personality?