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25 Bizarre Animal Group Names That Will Make You Love Them Even More

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Animals are easily the best thing on the planet. Sure, humans may feel like they are in control, but animals are everywhere and they are way more adorable than any person. Many species will group up to make life easier, whether it's for protection, increased hunting ability, or even social interaction.

These groups have their own hierarchy and rules, but it's the names that are the most interesting. Some animal groupings have the strangest names that you wouldn't imagine. These 25 animals groups have some of the most amazing names that will probably make you love them even more.


A group of apes is called a 'Shrewdness'.


If you were to encounter a number of bats, it would be called a 'Cauldron'.


A group of cats have a few different names. They can be called a 'Clowder', 'Punce' or 'Glaring'. If the cats were kittens you would actually call them a 'Kindle', 'Litter', or 'Intrigue'.


If you ever see a group of elephants it would be called a 'Parade'.


A 'Business' of ferrets sounds extremely formal, but they have earned it.


The name for a group of giraffes is fitting. You would call them a 'Tower'.


Gorillas are apes, so you could probably call them a 'Shrewdness', but they have their own group name as well which is a 'Band'.


Hippos have a name that seems to be fitting, they are called a 'Bloat'.


Jaguars may not seem like they would be a group animal, but when they do team up it is called a 'Shadow'.


Monkeys differ from apes and are called either a 'Troop' or a 'Barrel'.


Otters are called a 'Romp' when gathered together.


A 'Prickle' is what you call a group of porcupines


If you run into a group of Rhinos i is called a 'Crash'.

There are still more animal groups to learn...

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