Anna Nicole Smith's Daughter Makes Rare Public Appearance, The Resemblance Is Amazing

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It's been a decade since model and actress Anna Nicole Smith's tragic and untimely death.

The Playboy model died at the age of 39 from an accidental prescription drug overdose in a hotel room in Florida in February 2007.  

A few months before she passed, Anna gave birth to a baby girl, Dannielynn. Since it was unclear who her father was, the baby was subjected to a custody battle.

Larry Birkhead, Anna's former partner, was awarded full custody of his daughter after DNA tests proved he was her father.

Dannielynn is now 10-years-old and it looks like Larry has been doing a fantastic job raising her.

"We went from diapers and teething to braces and sports bras overnight,” he told Wendy Williams in an interview.  “It’s great and it’s a lot of work,” he added.

Larry tries her best to keep Dannielynn out of the spotlight but there's one popular event they attend every year without fail - The Kentucky Derby.

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