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Dogs Help Keep A Woman Alive While She Spends 3 Days Injured And Lost In A Forest

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A dog walker named Annette Poitras, has had a rough couple of nights. She set off for a hike with three dogs, but while walking through a forest she fell and injured her leg. She had walked two hours into the woods, but slipped on a log and lost her phone. She was stuck in damp conditions with three dogs who wanted to go home, but together they made it through.

It took three days for anyone to find her, but now her husband, Marcel Poitras, has revealed how she is doing now, and how she survived this traumatic incident.

Coquitlam RCMP

"Annette's doing really good — no broken bones or anything. She basically just needs to be on an IV," he said. "It's more a situation of trauma to her muscle from when she fell and was crawling around trying to get to where the helicopter could see her."

"She basically had to lay there for quite a while. She couldn't move," said Poitras. "No broken bones, but she got muscle damage right in a spot that didn't allow her to get up."

She managed to make it through a rough few days thanks to the help of three wonderful dogs...

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