Tell Your Annoying Friend The Truth, Vaping Does Cause Cancer


It's been several years since electronic smoking devices became popular throughout society, largely in part to the assertions that it had no negative side effects.

Instead of smoking cigarettes, the devices use 'vapor' to deliver the nicotine into the user. It was touted as the safest way to consume the calming drug, and became a sensational fad for the large plumes of smoke that were a by-product of using them.

However, scientists recently released the results of a series of tests which proved that e-cigarettes were not the "safer" alternative to regular tobacco consumption.

Instead of combustion, which contains a vast amount of cancer-causing chemicals from the burning, vaping introduces more organic elements into the bodies of users.

But this doesn't mean it is necessarily healthy.

In a series of tests, researchers subjected mice and human cells to the vapor produced by e-cigarettes and recorded the results.

They were expecting to see a lower risk of lung cancer, but what they found shocked them and the entire medical field.

When the scientists introduced the vapor effects to the rodents, they found that there was some benefits to using e-cigarettes as compared to smoking.

The vapor subjects had 97% less lung carcinogens in their systems as compared to the tobacco group.

However, even though there were less cancer-causing chemicals found in their bodies, there was an increased risk of lung and bladder cancers, as well as heart diseases.

Researchers believe it was because of the other chemicals found in the nicotine-based solutions that create the vapor clouds.

Supporters of the e-cigarettes have come to its defense and point out that adult smoking has fallen to an all-time low of 15%.

Is it still worth the risk? Share your opinion with us and tag a friend who uses e-cigarettes to see how they feel about this new research.