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11 Overlooked Symptoms That Are Actually Caused By Anxiety

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Anxiety disorders are one of those conditions that many people suffer from, but don't fully understand. A lot of people tend to think that anxiety is just a feeling that will pass, and is not a real condition. But for those suffering from an anxiety disorder, it really isn't that simple.  

If you believe that anxiety is first and foremost a mental illness, it may surprise you to learn that there are actually several physical symptoms that coincide with the condition. It isn't only emotional, it affects the whole body, sometimes mimicking the symptoms of other illnesses.


Anxiety may present itself in ways that make a person think they are suffering from asthma, vertigo, or even a heart attack. The physical symptoms can be chronic, recurring and often terrifying. It's often things you wouldn't even think about at first, but if you know what to look out for you might be able to treat the condition before it gets too bad.

The thought that anxiety is just an excessive fear or worry is really not all it is. The body is putting the fight-or-flight responses into overdrive, which leads to a wide range of physical issues that are sometimes hard to pin point. What kind of symptoms are they suffering from?

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