Applebee's Has $1 Margaritas, But Only For A Limited Time

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Applebee's Has $1 Margaritas, But Only For A Limited Time

Applebee's rarely disappoints. They've been around for 37 years, and quickly grew to become one of America's favorite restaurant chains.

The most popular dish? The Bourbon Street Chicken and Shrimp. And if you're looking for healthy foods? Well...maybe go somewhere else.

And even though more than 100 locations will be closing down, Applebee's has stepped up their promotion game and is offering something amazing.

$1 margaritas, or Dollaritas.

So how long will this last?

"We focus on our food a lot, but 'bar' is in our name, and it is an integral part of what makes Applebee's a great neighborhood destination," said Patrick Kirk, Applebee's vice president of beverage innovation. "Our $1 margaritas in October give us a chance to show our guests a little love, giving them a totally unbeatable offer as a gesture of our sincere appreciation for their patronage."

For the month of October, from open to close, you can hit up your local Applebee's for a Dollarita as part of their "Applebee's Neighborhood Appreciation Month."

Normally, a margarita at Applebee's will cost you $5.99 to $8.99, so it's literally impossible for you to tell me this is a bad deal. You will not win that argument.

A reminder that even though $1 margaritas are a great deal, do not overdo it. Please drink responsibly and DO NOT drink and drive.

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