Watch Live: April The Giraffe's New Baby Is "Imminent"

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Watch Live: April The Giraffe's New Baby Is "Imminent"

Animal Adventures Park - Facebook / YouTube

A live video feed is already started as April the Giraffe - whose last pregnancy made her a viral sensation - is expected to welcome her fifth calf very soon.

Workers at the 17-year-old giraffe's home, the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York, say that the birth of her next calf is "imminent."

This morning, the zoo shared graphic details suggesting the expectant mom is "almost there," with the caveat that the birth could take anywhere from "hours" to "a day or so."

Here's the live feed from April's pen:

While April has been seen extending her neck and raising her tail, behavior typical of a mother giraffe near delivery, her keepers say "calf movement, cramps," and even "gas" could explain the "unusual" behavior.

In 2017, the birth of April's son Tajiri became a long-awaited internet event, as fans spent two months watching a live feed of the pregnant mother.

Despite keeping her audience waiting, more than 232 million people tuned in to the stream, and 1.2 million were online to watch Tajiri's birth as it happened.

April the Giraffe Tajiri
Tajiri turns 2 years old next month.Animal Adventures Park - Facebook

If you don't have hours to spend staring at a pregnant giraffe, you can sign up for text message alerts about April's status at (Be aware that signing up for text alerts costs $5.)

Those signed up for the update feed will also be the first to see baby photos of April's new calf.

The father of April's new baby is a 6-year-old giraffe named Oliver, who is also Tajiri's father.

An average giraffe gestation can stretch out to 14 months, so no matter how long April keeps us waiting this time, don't let her hear you complain!

But zookeepers promise April won't keep us waiting until April again.

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Will you be tuning in to April's new live stream?

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