A Freak Snowstorm Turned The Arizona Desert White (Photos)

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A Freak Snowstorm Turned The Arizona Desert White (Photos)

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Earlier this month, the West Coast was hit with a string of storms that caused mudslides and closed roads in parts of California.

But further east, the unusual weather patterns created a beautiful sight in the Arizona desert, as falling snow transformed the arid landscape into a winter wonderland.

Temperatures across the state were the lowest in years, with even Phoenix feeling chilly at 30 degrees the day after New Year's. The rare snowfall was also pretty intense, with up to six inches falling around Tucson.

Cactus in snow
Saguaro National Park, in the Sonoran Desert, turned white after a New Year snowstorm.Arizona Illustrated

Arizonans took advantage of their "magical" change of scenery, rushing to snap photos of cacti and landmarks like the Grand Canyon under the fresh powder.

Many schools and government agencies also closed down, so there was more time for families to get out an appreciate the sights.

If you actually have to shovel snow during the winter, you probably don't greet the changing seasons as warmly as they did. But we can still appreciate how the winter weather was novel for the warm and dry state.

Plus, the photos locals captured are just spectacular.


Sedona, Arizona
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Monument Valley Tribal Park

Rim Trail


Desert Mountain

Grand Canyon

Four Peaks

Empire Mountains

Saguaro National Park


Good morning LIVE from snowy Tombstone!

Posted by Tombstone Arizona on Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Hotwell Dunes

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