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Ashley Judd And Seven Other Women Accuse One Of Hollywood's Biggest Producers Of Assault

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Stories of assault and abuse are unfortunately not uncommon in Hollywood, but that does not change the fact that no matter how many times we hear them, we're still taken by surprise. The accusations brought against celebrated film executive Harvey Weinstein this week are no different.


Eight women, including actress Ashley Judd as well as some of Weinstein's former employees, have come forward with claims of sexual harassment spanning decades.

In a New York Times exposé, Judd revealed that Weinstein showed up to their business meeting in a bathrobe and requested that she give him a massage before asking her to watch him shower.

The Ruby in Paradise actress told the newspaper that in that moment she felt "panicky" and "trapped."

“How do I get out of the room as fast as possible without alienating Harvey Weinstein?” Judd said. “I said no, a lot of ways, a lot of times, and he always came back at me with some new ask,” she continued. “It was all this bargaining, this coercive bargaining.”


Emily Nestor, who worked for Weinstein's company as a temporary employee, backed Judd's claims saying that she only worked for the executive for one day because he invited her to the same hotel and offered to help advance her career if she agreed to his demands.

Another former employee, Lauren O'Connor, also came forward with a number of incidents that occurred during her time at the company, and ways in which Weinstein abused his position of power.

“There is a toxic environment for women at this company,” O' Connor wrote in a letter.

Soon after news about the accusation broke, the Oscar-winning producer released a statement addressing the allegations.

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