Ashton Kutcher Just Did The Sweetest Thing For Demi Moore's Daughter

Long before Ashton Kutcher married his longtime friend and That '70s Show costar Mila Kunis, he called actress Demi Moore wife.

The actor automatically took on the role of stepdad to Moore's three daughters with actor Bruce Willis - Rumer, Tallulah and Scout Willis.

After his 2011 split from Moore, Kutcher was forced to leave the girls he helped raise behind. However, that wasn't the end of their relationship.

Rumer Willis poses with her mother, Demi Moore, and sisters Tallulah and Scout.
Rumer Willis (second from the left) poses with her mother, Demi Moore (far right), and sisters Tallulah (far left) and Scout.Rumer Willis/Instagram

In fact, Kutcher and the Willis girls have gotten along so well over the years that he signed one of his homes over to Rumer.

The Dude, Where's My Car star purchased the two-bedroom, four-bathroom Hollywood Hills home in 2009 for $971,500, but according to the court documents, he wasn't the sole owner. He went 50-50 with Rumer.

However, it looks like the father-of-two has changed his mind after all these years, and according to legal documents filed by Rumer, their co-ownership has now ended.

However, instead of selling the house and each pocketing their share or making drama out of the situation, Kutcher granted his former stepdaughter full ownership of the property, reported E! News.

Based on the information in the documents, Kunis also had a say in the decision as she was required to sign the papers. Apparently, after marrying Kutcher in 2015, she was also listed under the home's ownership.

Kutcher's sweet and selfless gesture towards Rumer doesn't come as a surprise to his wife and longtime fans.

Last July, the actress revealed in a interview on Marc Maron's WTF podcast that Kutcher is still in touch with the Willis girls and holds them in a special place.

"They had three kids they were raising," Kunis said. "It was, like, a normal life... He was younger, but he loved those kids."

Interestingly, looking back, Kutcher could've sold the property after his separation from Moore and use the money to buy a place of his own, but he chose to live in Airbnbs instead.

"Right after I got divorced ... I didn't have a house," Kutcher, an early investor in the short-term rental company, explained to CEO Brian Chesky at the  2016 Airbnb Open. "So I just started living in Airbnbs."

It's unconfirmed whether or not Rumer paid Kutcher for the house, but records show that the property was sold in August for $572,500.

If you were in Kutcher's position would you do the same thing? Let us know!

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