Attraction Isn't Based On The Sense You Thought

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Attraction Isn't Based On The Sense You Thought

Love at first sight is a total scam. Apparently the look of a person doesn't really determine whether you are going to be attracted to another person, it's actually something a lot less expected!

An "extra-marital" dating site called Victoria Milan did a survey of their users and found that a surprising percentage found smell to be one of the biggest factors involved in attraction.

53% of women claim that they prefer men to smell "natural" and 63% of men say the same. Also, 78% of women would rather be alone than be with someone whose smells bad. Men we less picky and half said that they will put up with any smell if they can get them into bed.

This isn't a crazy conspiracy built by the perfume companies, apparently it has to do with genetic compatibility. Swiss scientists studied the DNA of a group of students and had the men all wear T-shirts for two nights. They then put them all together and had the women rate the smells of the shirts by intensity, pleasantness and sexiness.

The results of the study shows that woman prefer the smell of men with different compatibility than their own. The scientists suspect that this is because if the person has different compatibility genes than the children's genes, especially the immune system, will have a greater range.

So apparently no matter how much effort you put into your appearance, if you don't smell the way your desired partner's genes want you too it's all for nothing!