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Little Audrey Nethery Is Back And She Looks All Grown Up

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We all know and love little Audrey Nethery.

She's the seven-year-old girl from Kentucky who is living with a debilitating bone marrow disease called Diamond Blackfan Anemia, or DBA. The disease causes the bone marrow to under produce red blood cells through the body, which results in a lack of oxygen. It can cause stunted growth, birth defects, and abnormal features. But DBA has never slowed Audrey down. She has become a viral sensation for her positivity, her love of dancing, and her incredible Zumba routines!

Audrey started taking Zumba classes at her local gym and became an instant star. She started gaining worldwide attention for her performances, and her mom says the girl never stops.

"When she's not doing Zumba, she's singing and dancing ," Jules Haise, Audrey's mom, says.  "When she's dancing, she's happy and brings so much joy to everyone watching."


In December of 2016, Grammy award winner Steven Battey teamed up with Audrey to make her an even bigger star.

Battey has written songs for incredible talents, such as Madonna, Justin Bieber, Flo Rida, Bruno Mars and Jason Derulo. But now, he's using his talents to help children who are fighting for their lives! Battey, along with his co-founder Alix Petersen, started a foundation called Singing For Superheroes.

Audrey released her first official music video called "Life Is Beautiful" and it already has over 40 million views. But after that, we didn't really hear from Audrey at all. We saw reposts of her videos, but rarely saw new content.

However, the young star posted a new video on her Facebook page and it's got an inspiring message!

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