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20 Baby Names From The '90s That Are Making A Comeback

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You can't blame 90s teenagers for wanting to name their children after some of the most popular names from the decade they were most influenced by. Let's be real, those names were totally awesome.

The 90s is already making a comeback in many different ways. That wonderful decade, right before the turn of the century, ended a little over two decades ago, but many of its legacies will never fade.

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In terms of 90s fashion, I've seen a lot of girls nowadays wearing high-top sneakers, scrunchies, chokers, and denim. I can't complain, those accessories were rad.

Even popular 90s TV shows like Roseanne have made their way back on our screens. Again, not going to complain, I loved that show!

We can't seem to get enough of the 90s, and what better way to remind of us of such an awesome generation than naming our children one of these next baby names.

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