15 Clever Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Baby Powder

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15 Clever Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Baby Powder

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Baby powder is super cheap and it comes in different forms, depending on your preference.

There are talcum powders, talcum-free powders, and corn starch, which can all be used for more than just diaper rash and cooking.

I don't even have babies and I still have two bottles of baby powder under my bathroom sink.

Here are 15 clever ways to make the most out of this powder:

1. Removes grease stains

It's so easy to get grease stains on your clean clothes when you're barbecuing or are eating something on the go.

Before you contemplate whether you should throw your shirt in the washing machine, remove those grease stains with baby powder.

Sprinkle some of the powder on the stain and dab at the grease, rubbing into the stain. Repeat until the stain is completely removed.

Even if you do decide to throw it in the washing machine after, use baby powder to prevent the grease from staining your shirt.  

2. Repels insects

This hack will work just about anywhere in your home.

Sprinkle baby powder anywhere that insects, especially ants, like to hang out. I usually put baby powder around window panes and in cracks on the floor.

Sometimes I bring baby powder with me when I'm out camping or having a picnic. All you have to do is sprinkle a little bit around your tent or picnic blanket to keep the ants at bay.

This pleasant-smelling powder causes ants to lose their scent trail and get lost, unable to find their way back home.

3. Freshens shoes

Everybody's shoes smell funky from time to time, but thoroughly washing them every time they do is quite a hassle.

Remove the foul smell by sprinkling baby powder in each of them. Let it sit overnight and just shake the powder out in the morning.

Baby powder will absorb any moisture in your shoes and eliminate foul odors.

4. Prevents squeaky floors and shoes

When parts of your shoes start to rub against each other, it will cause them to squeak. Simply lift the inner sole of the shoe and sprinkle baby powder. It will soak up any moisture and prevent that annoying squeak.

This hack works the same for squeaky floors. Sprinkle some baby powder between floor boards and sweep it into the cracks.

5. Soothes dry skin

Yes, baby powder is great for absorbing moisture, but it can also soothe irritated skin.

When I get a sunburn or my heels start to crack, the skin becomes extremely sensitive.

To prevent further irritation, rub in baby powder.

6. Untangles necklaces

If you're like me and still have the same jewelry box you did when you were a teenager, then you understand the struggle of having to untangle your necklaces every time you want to wear one of them.

To prevent breaking or kinking the chain, sprinkle baby powder on it to make the knots easier to untangle.

7. Prevents pit stains

We're all worried about wearing white clothes. They get stained so easily, whether it be from food or sweat.

Baby powder will form a protective barrier on your shirt to prevent those pit stains from happening.

All you need to do is sprinkle a little bit of the powder on the inside of the underarms and collar of your shirt and iron out the areas.

8. Removes wet sand

I don't think there's anyone in this world that despises the beach. Swimming in the ocean and relaxing on the sand is one of my greatest joys.

However, there are some people who can't stand going to the beach because of the mess that comes afterward. When you're wet, sand seems to stick just about everywhere - on your clothes, car, and even in your house.

Sprinkling baby powder on yourself or any other surface caked with sand will soak up the moisture and make it easier to clean up.

9. Reduces swelling

It's nice to wear high heels now and then, especially if you're going to a formal event.

To prevent your feet from swelling AND to keep them dry, sprinkle baby powder on your feet or the inside of the shoes before you put them on.

10. Prevents things from sticking together

Just like how baby powder can prevent annoying squeaks, it can also prevent things from sticking together, such as rubber gloves.

Trying to squeeze your fingers into rubber gloves is such a hassle, and taking them out can be even more of a nightmare.

For your peace of mind, lightly dust your fingers with baby powder and slide them into your gloves.

This hack also works for separating a deck of cards.

11. Thickens your eyelashes

I've tried practically every mascara there is in the market, and none of them work as well as this baby powder trick to make your lashes look marvelous.

We all want plump lashes that look like fakes, right? To achieve this without spending lots of money, before you apply your mascara, apply a little bit of baby powder on your lashes.

There are so many other cosmetic uses for baby powder, such as removing facial oils, setting your makeup, and lightening up contouring powders.

12. Absorbs moisture

To prevent your furniture and books from growing mold or smelling just "old," sprinkle some baby powder to absorb the moisture.

13. Eliminates body odors

Baby powder is the perfect alternative for deodorant.

Sprinkle the powder in your hand and rub it into your underarms to eliminate sweaty odors and soak up any existing moisture.

14. Makes a dry shampoo

The first baby powder hack I learned was this one, so you may know it too.

If you don't have time to wash your hair, sprinkle some baby powder on your comb and then brush the roots of your hair.

The powder will prevent your hair from looking oily and will leave it smelling fresh.

15. Cools your skin

Many people who live in tropical climates rely on baby powder to cool their skin.

The product is cheap, and it works. If you're air conditioning is broken or you just need to cool off, pat some baby powder on your face.

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