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Baby Hearing Her Sister's Voice For The First Time Will Make You Cry Happy Tears

Carol Dianne Benjamin - Facebook/Screenshot

Eleven-month-old Scarlet, her sister, and mother Carol Benjamin, just had "one of the absolute best days" of their lives, and we all get to share in that happiness.

The adorable trio are the subjects of a video that is spreading like wildfire on social media, and it's not hard to see why so many people can't enough of the family.

The heartwarming video shows Scarlet adjusting to a whole new world after she's able to hear clearly for the first time.

According to Carol, Scarlet had a rough start to life. She was born three months premature, and while in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), she needed to be treated for a serious intestinal infection, necrotizing enterocitis (NEC).

Unfortunately, the antibiotics ended up damaging her hearing. The family initially assumed Scarlet's hearing wasn't impacted because she "reacted to most sounds," but it wasn't until she failed a hearing test that Carol started worrying.

"We have spent the last 8 months going back and forth to Athens, Milledgeville and Augusta to try to figure out where she was on the spectrum," Carol told Fox 5. "No one could get a good read on her scans."

Luckily, the audiologists at Atlanta Hearing Associates were finally able to give Scarlet hearing aids, and her reaction to hearing her big sister speak for the first time ever is priceless.

As everyone knows when Scarlet was born she was 3 months early. She ended up getting NEC (and certain stomach infection) and the antibiotics that she needed cause hearing loss. It has been a LONG and emotional experience. She reacted to most sounds so we thought she could hear fairly well. After what I witnessed today, it was not as well as I thought. Hearing aids make a WORLD of difference! I am so blessed and thankful for Atlanta Hearing Associates in Milledgeville for all that they have done for our baby girl. Anyway, enjoy one of the absolute best days of our lives. By the way, I'm crying, you're crying, everyone is crying. 😍😍😍😭😭 "To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email"

Posted by Carol Dianne Benjamin on Thursday, January 10, 2019

It wasn't until this moment that the family truly realized the severity of Scarlet's hearing impairment.

"Hearing aids make a WORLD of difference!" Carol wrote on Facebook. "I am so blessed and thankful for Atlanta Hearing Associates in Milledgeville for all that they have done for our baby girl."

Carol put it best when she said, "I'm crying, you're crying, everyone is crying" as we're all drowning in tears of happiness after watching the special moment unfold.

[H/T: Carol Dianne Benjamin - Facebook/Storyful/Fox 5]

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