You're Going To Regret Throwing Out Those Little Strings On Bananas

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Most of us are guilty of throwing out any part of a fruit or vegetable that we are kind of unsure of. This isn't necessarily a bad habit, as you shouldn't go around eating unknown objects. That being said, you shouldn't rule something out without knowing its benefits first.

This includes those strings-like things that are attached to the banana. To be honest, I usually throw them out too, I am kind of scared of the unknown. Instead of tossing them, you should actually be eating them.

Although they seem like an unnecessary, bitter part of the banana, they may actually be the best for you.

These weird strings are actually called phloem bundles. Not only are they a fun name, they are packed full of potassium, fiber, vitamin A, and vitamin B6. Phloem is a tissue found in all plants, which is responsible for the transport of nutrients to the fruit to help them grow properly.

The phloem bundles can even tell you when the fruit is ripe enough to eat. If all of the nutrients haven’t been evenly distributed throughout the fruit yet, then the phloem bundles stay on more tightly, meaning the banana is under-ripe.

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