Barbara Evans Claims Jenelle's Husband Could "Come Over And Kill Me Any Time"


Barbara Evans Claims Jenelle's Husband Could "Come Over And Kill Me Any Time"

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Teen Mom is nothing if not dramatic, and a huge source of that drama is Jenelle Evans and her family. Jenelle and her mom, Barbara, have always been at odds with one another over Jenelle's parenting style...which was basically non-existent when she gave birth to her son Jace.

Jenelle signed custody of Jace over to her mom in 2011, admitting she needed help.


"When you [Barbara] kicked me out, I realized I can't take care of Jace on my own yet because I can't even support myself," the young mom admitted. "I am going to start making changes, but I'm just going to sign over custody because I don't want to go through [court hearings] just to get the final decision from a judge."

But in her book, Read Between The Lines, Jenelle said Barbara tricked her into signing over custody.


One night my mother convinced me to go out with my friends so I could relax. My mother. Wanted me to relax. I took the bait, however, and went out for the evening with Tori.

My mother had called [Child Protective Services] and told them I was out partying all night and left my son at home.

She told them I did this pretty much every night, which was a lie. I tried to tell them she told me to go out, but they wouldn't listen. They gave my mother temporary custody in light of my actions.

My mother had set me up and I had fallen hard for it.

Since then, the relationship between Barbara and Jenelle has been strained, with Barbara still holding primary custody of Jace. Jenelle has since had two other kids, a son named Kaiser with her ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffith, and a daughter named Ensley with her husband David Eason. Jenelle seems happy to most people, but not to Barbara.


While on the Teen Mom 2 reunion show, Barbara admitted that her daughter was going through "kind of a rough run lately." That's not really news to anyone, but Barbara did drop a couple of bombshells.

"No, I don't feel Jenelle is OK," Barbara said, blurting out, "David's going to hurt her."

It's a bit of a bold claim, but David has a pretty short temper and a passion for guns, so it's not totally impossible.

"I'm just so so so worried," Barbara explained. "I'm going to be the first one shot cause I live closest. It scares me. He could come over and kill me any time."

Jenelle wasn't at the reunion, so she wasn't there to defend her husband, but Barbara believes that her daughter's absence was also due to her husband. David doesn't appear on Teen Mom 2 anymore after his homophobic Twitter rant got him fired, and Barbara believes that since David couldn't be there to monitor, he didn't allow Jenelle to attend the taping.

"You make it easy, lovin' up on you." 💏 #ToTheMoonAndBack

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The accusations of David potentially killing Barbara are a little outrageous, but clearly both David and Jenelle have anger issues that need to be dealt with. Eason already has a domestic violence protective order against him, which he was arrested for violating in 2016.

As for Jenelle, a recent episode of Teen Mom 2 caught everyone's attention when she whipped out a gun to confront someone who was tailgating her...all while Jace was in the front seat next to her.

The reality star followed the car back to the owner's house and pulled her gun out just in case. Jenelle called David during the incident, and he wasn't happy with her.

"Well, don't f"”"” god damn follow him!" Eason screamed on the speakerphone. "You call the police, you don't follow people."

I mean, he's not wrong, but it doesn't help the whole "terrible temper" situation. After seeing the footage on MTV, Kaiser's father Nathan filed for custody of his son, citing that David was "violent" and "a danger" to his young son.

Kaiser and his father NathanMTV

In the end, everything Barbara is saying is based on speculation, but I can't imagine it's a good feeling to feel your life could be taken at any time.

Do you think Barbara's claims are true?

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