Treat Your Dog To A Monthly Box Of Goodies They're Guaranteed To Love

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Treat Your Dog To A Monthly Box Of Goodies They're Guaranteed To Love


Dog owners will do anything for their pets - and I know, because I have a dog and I would do anything for her.

We walk our dogs, feed them as many treats as they want, and let them sit on the couch with us - no matter where there paws have been.

So it's pretty surprising how rarely owners buy their dogs new toys.

Maybe you think your pet's stinky chew toy is their "favorite," but odds are you just haven't bought them a new one in a while.

I was in the same situation, until I signed up for BarkBox and started getting new toys in the mail every month.

What's BarkBox?

BarkBox dog
Another satisfied customer.BarkBox

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BarkBox is a handy, fun, and useful monthly subscription service.

For just $21 a month - you never pay shipping fees - BarkBox will send you $40 worth of goodies.

That includes dog toys, outfits, and treats your pet will love.

And BarkBox knows your pet will love them, because if they don't like an item you can send an it back - no muss, no fuss - for a free replacement.

Plus, everything in your BarkBox is pet safe and curated by the company's team of "crazy dog person" experts.

My dog has loved getting a new box of treats and toys in the mail every month, and now she even gets excited when her BarkBox arrives.

I'm sure you have some concerns about getting dog toys through the mail.

But BarkBox  has a proven track record, and answers for all your pressing questions.

You can depend on BarkBox

It may sound like a new idea, but BarkBox has actually been around since 2012.

Over the last six years, BARK has shipped 50 million products to customers across America - including 10 million BarkBoxes .

Your first BarkBox ships immediately, and every following box is shipped on the 15th.BarkBox

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They've got the system for delivering the boxes down to a science:

Your first BarkBox ships as soon as you sign up for the service, then a new box ships every month on the 15th.

You also get a say in what comes in your BarkBox . The company has a range of themes for each box, including Chewrassic Bark and Sniffin Safari.

And you won't find these toys in pet stores, because BARK makes their own fun designs that dogs go crazy for.

Even if you're not a dog person, a subscription to BarkBox is the perfect gift for your dog-obsessed friends and relatives.

Don't miss your chance

Along with the regular BarkBox subscription for $21 a month , the company sometimes has special, limited time offers.

BarkBox dog
The Super Chewer box is backed with extra durable toys.BarkBox

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I would not pass up their current deal on durable chew toys that your dog will actually play with.

These toys aren't just fun for your pet (and you).

They also keep your dog's mouth healthy and clean by reducing plaque on their teeth.

Over time a plaque buildup can cause pain and irritation for your pet.

So not only is this offer on chew toys a great deal, you're also doing your pet a favor. Sounds like a win-win to me!

You can sign up for BarkBox to get new dog toys and treats every month on their website!

Follow this link if you're interested in the special deal on durable chew toys!

Follow this link to get a free extra box!

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