12 Years After Eviction, What Does The Cast Of "Big Brother All-Stars" Look Like Now?


Big Brother is one of the most popular reality television shows on the air today. It's been running since 1999 and has had 19 seasons thus far, plus a celebrity edition. The show, which locks complete strangers in a house for the entire summer, has also seen its format adapted by multiple countries, like the UK, Canada, Australia, and Brazil.

If you're unfamiliar with the show Big Brother, it's pretty simple. A group of strangers are placed in a house with 24/7 video surveillance. Every week, there is a Head of Household who can nominate two other house guests for eviction. At the end of each week, the other house guests vote on who they'd like to leave. It causes drama, competition, and complete paranoia as the season progresses, which is why it's so fun to watch!

Perhaps the best season of the show was season seven, when a cast of all-stars was brought together to compete once again. Some contestants were chosen by the producers, while others were voted in by the public.

This cast is regarded as one of the smartest and most entertaining to watch, but what are they up to now?

Let's find out!

1. Alison Irwin, Producer Pick

Alison was known as a manipulator.

Alison was known for her manipulative gameplay, but it didn't take her very far during season seven. The blonde was the first person eliminated from the game after trying to convince the co-heads of household, Janelle and Jase, that they should put themselves on the block. Will and Mike tried to campaign to have Alison stay, but it didn't work. The reality star went on The Amazing Race after her stint on Big Brother with fellow contestant and then-boyfriend Donny Patrick.

She didn't win that either, but did end up finding love with someone else. Alison is now married with a growing family.

2. Danielle Reyes, Producer Pick


Danielle is considered the best player to never win the game, and she only returned for the all-stars season to seek redemption. She made it to the eighth week of competition after forming the "Legion of Doom" alliance with Mike, Will, and James. Their goal was to evict Janelle, but she managed to stay in longer than all of them except Mike, who won.

Danielle was a property manager from California who was married with two kids. After her second go-about on Big Brother, she returned to her normal life and has kept a relatively low profile on social media.

3. Diane Henry, Public Pick

CBS/Silver Lining

Diane is considered a big fan favorite, and was actually voted into the house by viewers. She formed a "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" alliance with Jase upon entry in the house, and kept it from everyone else until the finale. Diane also worked closely with fellow season five alum Nakomis, and the two tried to stick together as much as possible. Diane finished in 11th place during the all-star season.  

After her Big Brother appearance, Diane did some work with CBS2 to interview current houseguests. She and her husband Shawn eloped during the summer of 2012 in Tennessee. Other than that, there's not a lot of information about Diane's life.

4. Erika Landin, Public Pick


Erika and Alison absolutely despised each other from their time together in season four, which viewers hoped would carry over to the all-stars seasons. However, with Alison being first evicted, there was never really a chance. Erika was known for her pilates classes that she'd give to other contestants in the house. She also entered a showmance with Mike, which ended up causing some issues in terms of her own gameplay. However, after spilling all her secrets to Janelle, the two women formed an alliance to evict Will, which was a power move on their part. Erika ended up in the final two against Mike, but only received one vote from the jury.

After her experience on reality TV, Landin turned to the other side of the camera, where she became involved in the casting aspect of shows. She helped cast Survivor seasons 12 through 16, The Bacherlor, MasterChef, MasterChef Junior, The Biggest Loser, and Millionaire Matchmaker. In 2014, Erika got married and now goes by Erika Rich.

5. George "Chicken George" Boswell, Producer Pick


George was originally seen as a weak player during the all-star season, as he was the only contestant to return from the inaugural season of the show. However, it slowly became apparent that Chicken George's personality was dangerous in the house, and that he could be a big threat. George was nominated for eviction after drama surrounding him eavesdropping surfaced, but he managed to win the Power of Veto and save himself. Unfortunately for Chicken George, in exchange for the Veto he agreed to eat only slop for the rest of the competition. He got a one-week reprieve when Marcellas gave him a slop pass he'd won.

When George was evicted on day 60, he was given a bucket of KFC chicken from a man dressed as Colonel Sanders. George is married with three daughters and most recently worked for Mecum Auto Auctions.

6. Howie Gordon, Public Pick


Howie was the last remaining male houseguest during season six, and he was one of many members of that season to return for all-stars. He was an extremely popular contestant among both fans and fellow housemates, but occasionally he'd snap and become upset and serious. His goofy antics didn't sit well with Will, and the two would often get into arguments. During an HOH competition, Howie's buzzer malfunctioned and his tantrum led to a redo of the entire competition. He was eliminated the next week, and stirred up drama when he physically confronted Mike on his way out the door.

Howie's dream was to become a meteorologist, and graduated with a degree in meteorology in 2010. In 2017, his dream came true when Howie got a job as a meteorologist with KTUU in Alaska.

7. James Rhine, Public Pick


Still holding the record for most Power of Veto wins in Big Brother US history, James is seen as one of the most deceptive contestants ever to play the game. He was part of two alliances during the all-star seasons, with neither of them knowing about the other one. He was also part of the "Season 6" alliance but chose to leave that.

"As far as the BB6 alliance goes, I'm done," he said. "I'm going to do whatever it takes to make sure Janelle gets screwed."

James was ultimately evicted after both of his alliances found out about his double-play and came together to eliminate him. His eviction wasn't without controversy, however. James claimed that his fellow nominee and enemy, Janelle, had stolen one of his items during the Veto competition which is cheating. It didn't stick, however, and James was eliminated on day 53.

Now, James makes frequent appearances on television, including shows like 3 Guys in a Booth, In The Loop, Celeb TV and was a recurring host on SuperPass.

8. Janelle Pierzina, Public Pick


Considered one of the best players to ever appear on Big Brother, female or otherwise, Janelle was a lot of people's front-runner to win all-stars. She was cutthroat, ruthless, and yet somehow still easy to like. Her flirty showmance with Will sparked a lot of conversation, with the general consensus being that they were both using each other to further their game. Janelle won a total of 17 competitions between season 6 and season 7, which doesn't include her luxury prizes.

Janelle returned for season 14 of Big Brother, where she started as a coach for a team of new players. She finished 12th out of 14 contestants after she was thrown into the game as a regular player, and the other contestants realized what a threat she would be.

Janelle is currently a real estate agent for Edina Realty in Minnesota. In 2010, Janelle married Jess DeSanto and together they have three children.

9. Jase Wirey, Public Pick

CBS/ET Canada

Hard to swallow for both viewers and fellow contestants, Jase was a loud and rambunctious player on Big Brother. He was great at winning Veto competitions, however, so it was hard to evict him. Nakomis eventually planned to backdoor, or blindside, Jase with an eviction, meaning he wouldn't have an opportunity to defend himself. Jase found out about the plan and went off, which negatively impacted a lot of houseguests's opinion of him. Jase was evicted that same week.

Recently, Jase was considered an "international option" for a recent season of Big Brother Canada, where viewers voted to bring a former contestant from another country into the house. Jase lost this contest to Nikki Graham of Big Brother UK.

10. Kaysar Ridha, Public Pick


The first Muslim-American contestant to ever compete on Big Brother, Kaysar is still the most popular player with a 93% approval rating among fans. However, this wasn't the case among all the other contestants. Mike and Will immediately labeled Kaysar as "arrogant" and he was immediately targeted by the duo. Kaysar placed in tenth during the all-star season, which is the same finish he had in season six.

Kaysar is still close with fellow housemate Janelle, and she called them "lifelong friends." There's not a lot of information regarding Kaysar's current job, but his Twitter bio says he's an "Entrepreneur. Product Guy. Designer."

11. Marcellas Reynolds, Producer Pick


Marcellas kept a relatively low profile during season seven, though a confrontation between him and fellow contestant Jase is well publicized. He was good friends with Janelle, who ended up being the reason Marcellas was sent home. Janelle nominated her friend under the impression that the houseguests were going to evict Erika, but that wasn't true. Marcellas was the first member of the all-stars jury, and was the lone vote for Erika during the finale.

Marcellas is arguably the most successful of all the Big Brother contestants, working as a fashion designer and TV host. He's appeared on shows like World Report (CNN,) The Tyra Banks Show, E! News, and How Do I Look? He also boasts an impressive clientele, such as Justin Timberlake, Sharon Stone, David Scwimmer, and Eddie Cibrian.

12. Mike "Boogie" Malin, Producer Pick


Boogie is one of the most recognizable names in Big Brother history. He's known as a manipulator, womanizer, and champion. Boogie apparently only got invited back because he told producers he'd be gunning for his former alliance member, Will. But once he made it into the house, he and Will joined forces once again. Boogie also had an alliance with Erika, and was rumored to be romantically involved with her. He had a hand in evicting both James and Janelle, which all but solidified his title as winner. By a vote of 6-1, he was crowned winner of the all-star season.

Boogie returned to Big Brother as a coach during the same season as Janelle. He was eliminated in 10th place and missed the jury for the first time in three seasons of competition.

Boogie fell into financial hardships after opening a string of restaurants, and was hit with a $10.5 million lawsuit by a landlord of one of his restaurants, who claimed Boogie didn't pay his fees. He was also sued by some Geishas for embezzling money and using it for gambling and sex. Most recently, it was revealed that Boogie owed his partners $800,000. He filed for bankruptcy, but the judge said the debt will not go away and he'll be on the hook for the whole amount.

13. Jennifer "Nakomis" Dedmon, Public Pick


Nakomis remains a Big Brother legend for inventing the "six-finger plan," or the backdoor plan to evict a player. She was voted into the house by America's voted, but was nominated for eviction during just the second week. Head of Household Kaysar told Nakomis that she was nominated because she was very intelligent, and because of her strategy of a "floater." She was the second houseguest evicted, with only Janelle and Will voting to keep her.

Nakomis keeps a relatively low profile now, but gave an interview in 2014 letting fans know what she's been up to since the show.

"Well, I’ve been living in San Antonio, I went back to work at my job as a hostess," she said. "I bought a house, I became an aunt.  But, other than that I’ve just been hanging out with friends and family and making the best out of life."

14. Will "Dr. Will" Kirby, Producer Pick


Without a doubt, Dr. Will is the most prolific player in Big Brother history in any country. He totally changed the way the game is played, using deception and charm to find his way to the winner's circle in season two. When he was invited back to the all-star season, Dr. Will told producer's he'd only return if his buddy Boogie was back as well. This was supposed to be a secret, but Will confessed this on the live feeds. Will was the only winner to return for all-stars, which he thought was an unfair disadvantage. He managed to make it to day 65, when he was ultimately evicted by his flirty showmance Janelle.

Now, Dr. Will is a practicing dermatologist, textbook author, and osteopathic physician. He frequently appears on Big Brother as the host of jury round table, and has made multiple other television appearances.  In 2017 he married his longtime girlfriend Erin Brodie, and together they share two kids, Cash and Scarlett.  

Who was your favorite cast member of the all-star season?

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