Beard Fairy Lights Are This Christmas' Newest Trend But Are They A Bright Idea?

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Beard Fairy Lights Are This Christmas' Newest Trend But Are They A Bright Idea?


Now that Christmas is inching closer, we're starting to see all sorts of gift and decoration ideas pop up online because it never really feels like the holiday season until you have your tree and the rest of your festive decor up.

While some are just modern takes on tradition, others are new trends that are just a little, dare I say, odd.

Beard decoration

Last month, we told you about men who have been getting into the festive spirit by decorating their beards with Christmas ornaments.

These Beardments have been around for a few years now, and they only seem to get more popular with each holiday season.

However, this year they're getting some competition.

Firebox is starting a new trend for those who have been looking to light up their facial hair without big clunky baubles.

The company is selling fairy lights that are specifically made to be worn on your beard and mustache.

The miniature clip on lights come as a set of 18 multi-colored nano LED lights and you can change the colors as you see fit.

You're probably wondering if these lights are even safe enough to be worn on your face because it does kind of seem like a burn hazard.

Well, they're heatless lights, which means you won't have to worry about getting burned. However, Firebox does warn against wearing the lights while your beard is wet or if it's raining.

Also, it's best to avoid wearing them while eating or drinking because you definitely wouldn't want to spill anything on them.

Although the trend hasn't reached the heights of Beardaments yet, it is slowly but surely taking off based.

Just check out these men getting into the spirit of the season with their lit up beards:

Do you think fairy lights belong on beards? Let us know in the comments!

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