Beautiful Destinations to Travel in Autumn

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Beautiful Destinations to Travel in Autumn

Photo by Dennis Buchner on Unsplash

In autumn, the days become shorter, the temperature drops, and the pace of life slows down slightly. Whether you want to extend the summer, avoid the crowds during the peak season, or can't wait for the golden leaves to start falling, here you can find some spectacular destinations that shine in the autumn light for you.

Autumn is the most spectacular season and the last cheer before the cold winter wind hits.

The season it’s the perfect time most importantly to see the leaves change from lush green in summer to bright gold, orange and red and for cozy days, sweater weather and hot cider.

As the summer sun sets down, many people feel that the holidays are over, but September, October, and November are the best months of the year to travel. From Paris to New York, here are some of the best destinations for an autumn holiday.

Paris, France

Paris slows down in October and November, so you can save money and be able to experience the romantic capital without the large number of tourists. Breeze in and out of the Louvre, take a boat trip on the Seine River and stroll along the cobblestone streets with plenty of room to breathe.

September feels more real because the Parisians have ended their holidays. It does not rule out that people watch the city’s favorite pastime in sidewalk cafes. The cold weather is the perfect excuse to swing by a coffee house and take out a cup of coffee or famous hot chocolate.

Strolling in legendary parks (such as Luxembourg Gardens, Parc des Buttes-Chaumont, Coulee Verte, or Jardin du Palais Royal), the lush foliage and fresh air can improve your mood for real.

Kyoto, Japan

Japan is famous for its cherry blossoms in spring, but in autumn, these same trees are covered with fiery red, gold, and orange carpets. It is difficult to predict when the leaves of each city will appear and how long they will stay, but Japan as a whole sees autumn colors.

In Japan the term “momijigari” is used to describe a leaf peeping, accompanied by a picnic with friends. Is there a better place than the beautiful imperial city Kyoto?

From October to November, crisp autumn leaves are everywhere in Kyoto. Ancient temples such as Kiyomizu Temple and Eikando in Kyoto are covered with maple trees.

Be sure to take a boat tour of the Hozu River and enjoy the gorgeous autumn scenery in the valley. Or better yet, rent a rowing boat and enjoy your own sweet time.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is one of the most romantic destinations of the year, especially when the trees along the canal are stained with warm autumn colors. This city, visited by millions of tourists every year, is relatively quiet at this time of the year. You will pass unattended and will not be considered a tourist, but a resident of Amsterdam.

You can find many activities to do while admiring the autumn color show. You can take a walk in the park, you can visit museums, you can relax in a cafe with a beautiful view, from where you can read or even play online casino games or anything you find interesting.

Stroll through Amsterdam’s beautiful little fashion designer shops and bookstores.

Tuscany, Italy

Photo by Łukasz Czechowicz on Unsplash

Tuscany's vineyards and rolling hillsides are reborn in autumn. The landscape gradually changes its shades from green to a variety of season-specific colors. Autumn is also the time for harvest festivals throughout the region if you visit on the three weekends in November, don't miss the San Miniato Truffle Festival. At the same time, in Florence, when the weather was a bit cold in October, the crowds began to decrease. However, there are too many places worth exploring indoors (museums, churches, shops) as long as you dress warmly, the weather is not an important factor at all.

Bruges, Belgium

The beautiful medieval city of Bruges is full of energy in autumn, with spectacular canal-side colors, an atmospheric old town, and good food for October and November! The only two must-try Belgian foods are decadent waffles wrapped in cream and fruity autumn berries or French fries with mayonnaise, which is the traditional accompaniment of Belgium.

Bruges can be easily reached from London or Paris via Eurostar. It is perfect for an autumn weekend getaway, perfect for walking and relaxing. The place will be surrounded by autumn colors as the trees turn, and it is a good place to meander. Follow the windmill path to admire the wonderful view of the city’s oldest windmills. These windmills stand out in the landscape against the backdrop of the low autumn sun.

Tarrytown, New York

Tarrytown, just an hour’s drive from New York City, is a great holiday destination for city dwellers.

It is beautiful all year round, especially in autumn when the leaves begin to change. You will enjoy interesting activities, peaceful hikes through the foliage, and beautiful views of the Hudson Valley.

There are haunted houses, cemetery tours and the famous big pumpkin lantern event, which contains hundreds of carved pumpkins.

Tarrytown is also close to Sleepy Hollow, the base of Washington Irving’s novel "Legend of Sleepy Hollow" making it the perfect town to visit before and after Halloween.

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