10 Beautiful Home Accessories Under $100

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10 Beautiful Home Accessories Under $100

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Stak Ceramics Bloom Phone Vase

Keep your phone and flowers in sight with the Stak Ceramics Bloom Phone Vase. This earthenware clay object combines a flower vase and phone stand in one. Aside from holding cut flowers, it props your phone up for easy viewing.

Slate-ish Recycled Paper Wall Tiles

Upgrade your home without breaking the bank with the Slate-ish Recycled Paper Wall Tiles. Made from recovered scrap materials, this decorative item is both stylish and eco-friendly. The tiles come in four styles to improve the appearance of any space.

Lyon Béton Urban Garden Concrete Vases

Bring nature into your home with the Lyon Béton Urban Garden Concrete Vases. Drawing inspiration from the urban city, these vases combine two naturally opposing elements in a single space.

Le Videpoche Metal Valet Tray

Grab everything you need before you leave the house with the Le Videpoche Metal Valet Tray. Designed with a minimalist interior in mind, this accessory gives you a stylish place to store your EDC essentials so you always know where to find them whether you're coming or going.

Archiology Seva Antique Brass Desk Lamp

Add a lovely light to your work desk with the Archiology Seva Antique Brass Desk Lamp. Featuring a vintage brass design, this light effortlessly pairs with any style of décor. Plus, you can easily install it anywhere you want.

City Plate Porcelain City Mold Plate

Enjoy the appearance of famous landmarks while you chow down with the City Plate Porcelain City Mold Plate. Now you can eat off of your favorite cities such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Chicago, London, San Francisco, Sydney, Rotterdam, Paris, and New York.

Rhino Hammer Hand Tool

Make home improvement more enjoyable with the Rhino Hammer Hand Tool. A fun addition to anyone's toolbox, this tool can also be left out as decoration. It's even strong enough to double as a paperweight or bookend.

Grovemade Walnut Coaster Set

Protect the surfaces of your favorite furniture with the Grovemade Walnut Coaster Set. Made from real wood and merino wool felt, this set includes offers a fresh look with four coasters that work with both cold and hot beverages.

YAMAZAKI Compact Tower Side Table

Add more surface space wherever you want with the YAMAZAKI Compact Tower Side Table. Available in black and white, this piece of modern furniture easily moves where you need it and functions as a phone table, snack table, lamp table, and more.

Twelve South PowerPic Wireless Charger Photo Frame

Use a charger that effortlessly blends in with any space with the Twelve South PowerPic Wireless Charger Photo Frame. This device works as both a picture frame and a charger that is compatible with any Qi-enabled smartphone.