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10 Amazing Facts About Belly Buttons That You Never Knew

I bet you haven't thought about your belly button too much. Aside from making sure you keep it clean and whether you have an "innie" or "outie," the belly button tends to fall to the wayside when it comes to parts of our body that require attention.

Little did you know that belly buttons are strangely fascinating and there are some fast facts you should know about this unique part of the human body.

1. Your belly button is your first scar.

The belly button is formed from scar tissue that was left over from when the umbilical cord that joined you and your mother's placenta was cut. After you were separated, the stump that was left behind fell off, leaving you with your belly button.

2. Only 10% of people have "outies."

Belly buttons start out as "outies" and most pop in to form "innies." For 10% of the population, this never happens.

3. Your belly button type is determined inside the womb

Whether you have an innie or outie depends on how the skin grows around the cord inside the womb. If your skin folds in or out to make an innie or outie, this happens during the healing process.

4. A pregnant woman's belly button can change

As her womb expands, often it can turn a woman's belly button from an innie to an outie. This can be an uncomfortable process in the first pregnancy, since the skin is very sensitive, but desensitizes over time.

5. Plastic surgeons can do boob jobs through the belly button.

The only scar left behind from the surgery is inside the belly button so there are no marks on the breasts like with traditional augmentation.

6. Belly button piercings can take a total of six months to a year to heal.

Without proper care of being kept dry and clean, the could become infected.

7. There's bacteria living in there.

Research conducted on 60 people's belly buttons found almost 2,400 different species of bacteria.

The average person has 67 species of bacteria in their belly button.

8. Many mammals have a belly button.

Any mammal that have a placenta have a belly button too. This unites us among our animal kingdom friends.

9. Someone actually holds the Guinness World Record for the largest belly button lint collection.

In November 2000, Graham Baker was recognized for having the largest collection of belly button lint which earned him a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. Baker had been collecting navel lint since 1984, and has filled three large bottles.

10. Chakras related to your belly button.

Belly buttons can treat several alignment problems and there are many chakras in yoga related to belly buttons. Many people swear by them!

Source: Business Insider