7 Benefits Of Celery That Will Make You Want Some Tonight

Oddly enough, celery is pretty polarizing. One of my co-workers classified it as a "ghastly vegetable" while another said "celery can fall off the face of the earth."

Meanwhile, I'm over here thinking celery and peanut butter is pretty freakin' delicious, but whatever. To each their own.

There are some things about celery that aren't up for debate, and that's the health benefits you can get from the green veggie.

1. Celery supports bone strength

Celery contains a lot of vitamin K, which allows your bones to absorb calcium. This will strengthen your skeleton and give you better bone strength.

2. Celery helps your immune system

The high levels of vitamin C in celery can help improve your immune system, which in turn will help prevent and treat symptoms of the common cold and other illnesses.

3. Celery may help prevent certain cancers

According to different studies, celery contains cancer-fighting flavonoids as well as apigenin, both of which can help prevent certain types of cancers. Most commonly, celery can help prevent pancreatic cancer.

Continue reading to find out more benefits to celery, including how it can relieve your stress!

4. Celery helps grow your nails

Dry or brittle nails? Just want them longer? Eat some celery! The nutrients in celery will give you healthier nails.

5. Celery can help relieve stress

There is a lot of magnesium found in celery, which helps calm the nervous system. It can also help you sleep better!

6. Celery can reduce inflammation

The antioxidants found in celery can greatly reduce inflammation in your digestive tract, heart, and joints.

7. Celery helps with weight loss

Ready to see that scale move down? Celery is only 16 calories per serving, but the high fiber content makes it a perfectly filling snack and can help you stop overeating.

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