Here's The "Perfect" Banana Color And The Best Time To Eat Them


Here's The "Perfect" Banana Color And The Best Time To Eat Them


There are some debates about food that just tear families apart.

Is black licorice tasty, or gross? What's the best hot dog topping? And crusts on or off your sandwich?

The most polarizing food fight of all involves bananas, specifically when is the right time to peel them open.

Whether your like green, yellow, or brown, there's a good reason to enjoy any banana. But experts say one color is clearly the healthiest.  

Green - Unripe

When a banana is not quite ripe, the peel is a little green and the fruit is firm.

At this stage, bananas contain more "resistant starch," which is tough for your body to digest.

Processing that starch gives your digestive system a serious workout. It also helps control your blood sugar level.

Since the starch spends more time in your stomach, you'll feel full longer, and also feed your friendly gut bacteria, which is good for your overall health.

Green bananas have even been shown to improve your colon health and insulin resistance.

With all these benefits, it's plain to see why green bananas are considered the healthiest color.

If you can't stand their slightly crunchy texture, try mixing them into a bowl of cereal.

Yellow - Ripe

Over time, the starch in your banana is converted to simple sugar, giving the fruit a more appetizing flavor.

That also means the banana contains more carbs, but on the other hand they're easier for your body to digest.

This is why some people say green bananas don't agree with their stomach while yellow ones do.

It's also why you should only use bananas that are at least yellow in your baking - anything else is not sweet enough.

Yellow bananas are also just right for a tasty but healthy smoothie.

But if you really want to be health-conscious, reach for a green banana instead.

Brown - Overripe

Despite the way they look, some people insist that overripe bananas with brown or black spots are the tastiest of the bunch.

In fact, as bananas age they do contain more sugar, and get some interesting health benefits.

Overripe bananas contain the most antioxidants, which protect your body - including your skin - from aging.

On the other hand, ripened bananas have less vitamin C, folic acid and thiamin.

But bananas with dark spots have been found to contain tumor necrosis factor, a type of protein that may help prevent the growth of cancer cells.

When to eat a banana

Banana breakfast

Whether you like them green, brown, or somewhere in between, bananas are a smart and healthy treat.

They're low in calories and fat, but a good source of fiber, potassium, and antioxidants.

They're also rich in vitamins B6, C, and magnesium.

But if you want to get the most out of your daily banana, doctors recommend eating one first thing in the morning.

After eating nothing for hours, it's good to get some sugar and fiber in your stomach.

Just make sure your balanced breakfast includes a protein too, like eggs or peanut butter.

And take a banana with you for your workout later. They're great before or after exercise for a boost of sugar and carbs.

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What color of banana is your favorite?

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