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She Delivered Her Friend's Baby Months After Losing her Own, Years Later Her Friend Returned The Favor

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Laquita Martinez

Two best friends in Georgia have redefined the meaning of "friendship goals" by delivering each other's baby.

Dr. Laquita Martinez and Dr. Jocelyn Slaughter first met in 2008 when the pair began their residency at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta.

Their friendship proved to be set for the long haul when Slaughter showed Martinez her unwavering support, when she lost her first child, Ryan in 2014 after just 26 weeks.

"After I lost my child, Jocelyn really showed herself not only as a friend but a sister," Martinez told ABC News. "That was probably one of the most difficult things an OB-GYN could do was bury my own child."

Despite Martinez's heartbreak, she stood by her best friend and delivered Slaughter's baby girl, Janice, in April of the same year.

Fast forward to Oct 6. 2017, Slaughter was finally able to return the favor when she helped deliver Martinez's newborn daughter by caesarean section.

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