Best Methods For Increasing Your Click Per Second Rate

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Best Methods For Increasing Your Click Per Second Rate

Having a quicker clicking speed on your mouse is important. Irrespective of if you only work with a computer or you are a gamer, developing a faster clicking rate is key.

If you can perform actions with your mouse with ease, at a high clicking speed, then you have an edge. To improve your click-per-second rate, you need to be dedicated to the process. For it takes time, especially when you are new to this.

Keep reading to uncover a few strategies to enhance your clicking rate with a mouse.

5 Tips For Improving Your Mouse Clicking Rate

Among the numerous methods for improving your click-per-second rate, here are five of them.

Learn different techniques

Strategies that can expand the activity of your muscles can get you the quickest clicking speed. Few strategies available include finger muscle fits. This helps you to perform quicker in games that require clicking. Jitter clicking and butterfly clicking are also well known. For the jitter clicking, the mouse will click quicker than normal.

Change the mouse's settings

Your mouse can be a tricky tool for clicking. It is profoundly liked over most other clicking instruments because of different reasons. One, it tends to be easy to change.

Most mouses today have a ton of settings that influence the responsiveness and execution of the mouse. Be that as it may, these settings can be acclimated to suit any user. If you have a sluggish clicking rate, examine the settings of your mouse. Change the responsiveness and other settings till you find what suits you. Ensure that the responsiveness isn't too high - this influences the precision of your snaps.

Actions per second

The more smart action you do, the higher snaps you will accomplish. It is connected with each keystroke and mouse click. Also, this is a real-time game and its significance is decided by genuine actions by the players. Wrong actions do not give you any improved outcomes. The success is proportionate to the activities. Only the right actions win.

Hold your mouse right

A gentle grip and a strong one play important roles in the click rate. At the point when you raise the grip of the snap button, the debounce rate improves, and you end up with a sluggish snap.

Rather, endeavor to hold your mouse in a typical or somewhat skewed grasp. It will decrease debounce time. In return, it helps you to make quicker clicks.

A ready-to-use position is the best way to place your mouse. Then place your pointer finger on the left button. Two fingers should be placed close to the clicking buttons of the mouse - not too far away though to prevent mouse tapping from being difficult.

Practice makes perfect

You need to keep practicing for mastery. And this is the most proficient method for further developing your clicking rate. Rehearsing with your mouse will drive you close to perfection.

Assuming you are alright with your mouse, you will want to click quicker. There are many clicking practices online that can assist more your mouse. Take advantage of them. It might take you some time. However, in a little while, all your training will pay off.


Improving your click-per-second rate is not rocket science. Buy the right mouse. Adjust the mouse's settings a bit. Try different clicking techniques. And above all, keep practicing and carry out cpstest often. Your score would keep increasing.

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