Betting on the March Madness: 5 Tips For Your Bracket

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Betting on the March Madness: 5 Tips For Your Bracket

The NCAA March Madness tournament is an exciting time for everybody. The whole basketball community stays tuned to a month-long treat of knockout games, uncertain game results, and heroic performances from individual players. For the players and the coaches, March Madness is their time for glory, an opportunity to bask in the spotlight and make their names known to the global basketball landscape.

Moreover, the March Madness tournament is also an arena of festivities for sports bettors. Whether you’re a beginner doing it just for fun or a long-time bettor who is serious about making boatloads of money, creating your March Madness bracket could be very exciting. March Madness is full of surprises, and you can win great prizes when you get lucky on your bets.

Of course, there are ways for you to potentially create a good bracket, especially if you look into the latest March Madness MVP odds. Look at these five tips that could help you create your March Madness bracket.

They say that you have to go with your gut when making your March Madness bracket, but it’s always better to make decisions based on intelligent observations.

5 Useful Tips For Your Bracket:

1. Pick a top-ranked team to go all the way

There’s nothing wrong with choosing a No.1 seed to win the NCAA championship. Their win-loss slate doesn’t lie, and there’s a reason why they are ranked the highest in their conference. Each year, NCAA picks four No.1 seeds during March Madness, and the records say that these are safe bets.

While it’s true that it was only one time when all four No.1 seeds advanced to the Final Four, it’s still a fact that 23 No.1 seeds have won the NCAA championship. It’s also worth mentioning that 41% of Final Four teams in March Madness history are No.1 seeds.

2. Choose teams who are good on both offense and defense

The odds may be uncertain, but it’s always a wise decision to pick good teams on both ends of the floor. March Madness is a knockout scenario for all teams, so if they’re having an uncharacteristically bad time on offense, they have to maintain a solid footing on defense.

There are ways to know which teams are good on both ends of the floor, including looking at their offensive and defensive ratings. If you see a team that ranks in the Top 10 in both offensive and defensive ratings, chances are they will have a deeper run in the tournament.

3. When in doubt, pick the stars

Stars go big during the more important games, so placing your bets on them is not wrong. Every game in the March Madness tournament is a do-or-die scenario, and it pays off to have a star who is determined to win games for their teams. If you have more time to analyze the stats, try looking for a star player who can make plays for himself and his teammates.

4. Don’t advance your Cinderella picks beyond Elite Eight

It’s tempting to pick virtually unknown teams to go all the way to the Final Four, as the returns for your bets will surely be massive. But it’s rare for Cinderella picks to go beyond the Elite Eight, so we recommend being extremely cautious on these unknown teams.

5. Have a little fun with your Final Four picks

Going for a surprise pick for your Final Four bracket won’t hurt much, especially if you won’t overdo it. Picking a team in the range of the No.6 seed to the No.11 seed could help you get lucky in the Final Four.

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